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Medical Device Depot - Nonin Pulse Oximeter 9500

The Nonin Pulse Oximeter 9500 is the Original All in One Fingertip Unit

With the Nonin Pulse Oximeter 9500, Nonin changed the way the medical community keeps a close eye on their patients' oxygen saturation levels forever. Gone is the bulky table top unit with its long cord and finger clip. In its place the Onyx a one piece pulse oximeter that provides a highly accurate and easy to read red LED display of the patient's O2 saturation level and their pulse. The accuracy of this unit is guaranteed to be within +/- 2 digits.

The Nonin Pulse Oximeter 9500 is small enough to carry in a lab coat pocket as it weighs less than two ounces and measures 1.3 x 1.2 x 2.2 inches in overall size. Battery powered with an automatic on/off system to provide maximum battery life. This unit is so durable that the USAF aeromedical units have certified it for use in their helicopters.

You can find the Nonin Pulse Oximeter 9500 available at the Medical Device Depot ready to ship for a very low price.

Medical Device Depot Otoscope

While most of us never stop to think about the different types of medical equipment we should have at home, there is at least one more thing than a thermometer you should consider. Most nurses would agree that having an otoscope at home makes sense. Even though you are not a doctor nor medically qualified, being able to look in your child's ears to see if it is red and inflamed when he is complaining that it hurts can save you at trip to the doctor.

The otoscope is little more than a small magnifying glass with a light that allows you to look at the inside of his ears for signs of infection. One thing that makes this tool very useful is that not only can you use it to look in his ears; you can also use the same tool to look in everybody's throats when they complain of sore throat. Both of these can save you money by not making wasted trips to the doctor's office.

You can buy an otoscope and many other pieces of medical testing equipment at the Medical Device Depot at bargain prices for top quality equipment.

Oxy Pulse Oximeter Hands Free Testing with the Oxy Pulse Oximeter

For nurses and doctors trying to work around the number of wires and tubes use to monitor their patients has always been a challenge. While you cannot get rid of all of them the one that you can get rid of is the wire for the oximeter. With the latest Oxy Pulse oximeter you have a single device that is placed on the finger of your patient that is all, no leads no connection, everything in one small unit.

The Oxy Pulse oximeter carries its own power supply and provides you with any easy to read display that not only provides you with a highly accurate O2 saturation reading, but will display your patient's pulse rate as well. Keeping track of this vital information has never been easier and this oximeter is small enough to fit in your pocket so that you will always have it on hand when you need it.

At Medical Device Depot you will find not only the latest Oxy Pulse oximeter, but a full selection medical testing equipment at prices that will not break your budget.

Medical Device Depot Spirometer

Finally a Portable Spirometer that truly is Portable

For many years the standard digital spirometer was a table top model with an attached mouthpiece for the patient to use. The IQmark Digital Spirometer has changed this forever, weighing in at only 10 ounces and small enough to carry in your lab coat pocket, you never need to be without it again. This unit meets and exceeds any of the standards that have been established by the American Thoracic Society for performing MVV, FVC and VC tests.

To ensure that there is minimal risk of cross contamination between patients the IQmark uses disposable pneumotach mouthpieces. All reports can be printed out on a standard 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet of paper that can then be placed in the patient's file. As an active part of helping your patients with their smoking cessation program, you can enter their smoking history in the unit and receive a report that calculates their Lung Age and their risk of contracting COPD.

If you are interested in purchasing and IQmark portable spirometer, you will find the Medical Device Depot has them in stock at rock bottom prices ready to ship the same day you place your order.

Medical Device Depot Spirometry

Finding the Best Prices on Spirometry Equipment

Keeping an eye on your patient's lung capacities can be a vital part of their overall health. This means you need to equip your office with the latest spirometry equipment available. If your office is like most offices during today's tough economic times, finding the equipment you need at a price that is well within your budget is not an easy task. If you were to look in your local medical equipment retailer, if you have one, you are going to find that the prices of this type of equipment can be very high.

Instead of shopping locally and paying far too much money for your spirometry, you will find that shopping online can save you money. You will still be getting the best possible equipment for your money; the difference is that you won't be paying full retail price for them. This will allow you to stock your office with more of the equipment you need while staying within your budget.

You will find the very latest spirometry equipment at the Medical Device Depot at very affordable prices.