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Bone Densitometers

Bone densitometers are used to quickly and accurately measure bone density through a non-invasive procedure. These machines are used to check for osteopenia and osteoporosis. Medical Device Depot carries several bone densitometers from top manufacturers, such as BeamMed.

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CPT Codes:

77081 - Peripheral DEXA Bone Mineral Density

77082 - Peripheral Ultrasound Bone Mineral Density

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MiniOmni Bone Densitometer MiniOmni Bone Densitometer
List Price: $14,160.00
Our Price: $13,500.00
You save $660.00!
UltraScan 650 Bone Sonometer UltraScan 650 Bone Sonometer
Our Price: $12,000.00

Bone Densitometers for Health Care Professionals

Do you need a way to estimate patients bone fracture risk? Medical Device Depot carries the bone densitometers you need for fast, accurate bone mineral density (BMD) assessments. These machines are vital for identifying risk factors connected to osteoporosis and other issues related to bone strength and density.

We offer machines that use either dual X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) or ultrasound to calculate bone density. Our DEXA scanners are designed to minimize errors caused by scanner placement, offering a fast way to calculate BMD. Ultrasound bone density machines are a recent innovation, offering a radiation-free alternative to DEXA with a reduced possibility of user error.