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Customer Reviews

Good Morning, Dan,

The camera arrived yesterday, I ran it through some routines to see what it would do and I am impressed. It worked very well. It was easy to setup and use, resolution and photomicrographs were both very good. Capturing images and saving them were no problem. This camera will get me back on track with additional visual aide information for my clients.

Thank you for helping me decide on the right camera for my equipment; money well spent!.


Randall Miller

Hello Ms Alyssa,

Thank you for your help

Best Regards,

Thank you very much for your help Lauren!


You Rock! Thanks!

Melissa Twine, CCRC,
Prestigue Clinical Research

Great. Nice work and service.

Appreciate it.
Thank You. We are very happy with the ordering process, and can't wait to receive our equipment!!!

Suzanne Griffith

Hello John,

Yesterday, Carrie from Maico Diagnostics called me and walked me thru the setup screen of Ero-Scan Pro to activate the Numbered Patients feature. This feature allows me to store up to 350 test results int the device as I wanted. I just want to drop a Thank You note to you, and let you know that every thing is fine and taken care of.

I am glad to do business with you and Medical Device Depot.

Jim Trandai

Hi Alyssa,

I just wanted to thank you for getting the replacement parts to us in a speedy manor. I hope you have a wonderful week!

Krystal Rafenstein, RN, BSN


I searched; we got the cheapest price!!!!!

Laurie Ridgeway
Chief of "Stuff"
Lazerow Ventures

You rock! Have this project coming up - You saved me!

Kim Bostick
Hello Hope,

I am very happy with the chair.

Thank you,
Dr Mardirossian

Super. Thanks for your assistance.

Kathy Hann

Hi Alyssa

We recieved the new SPo2 clip and it works great! Thank you for you assistance with this.

Dr. Daniels

Thank you very much for your great support!

Thianthawat Tongudom

You're Wonderful! Thank you so much for your help with this!

Chris Frey
Hello Mr. Gladstein.
I just placed order online.

Thank You
Dr. Bindra
Thank you very much for sending EKG machine overnight. It arrived to my office on Friday morning. thanks again.

M. Shahamat
Thanks John

Fast and Easy...Appreciated

Patrick Murray, MD

Hi Christina and Hope, I just wanted to send an email out to you both “thanking you” for your efforts. I just wanted to let you know that I was concerned that I may have gotten a product and have it damaged when delivered and it did, but you both were so great taking care of everything so quickly. I received the castors and the new pad and both were repaired today. Thank you again for all your help. I really appreciated it.

Jennifer Lambert
Hatfield Cardiology, LLC

Thank you for you assistance today. I am excited about the Bionet EKG. I appreciate your suggestion on the Ambco 1000 audiometer and the Astra 300 Spirometer.

I will look to Medical Device Depot in the near future for further needs in my office.

Best regards,
Bob Clark, MD

Hello Mr. Gladstein,
Thank you for your assistance with this order. You have been more than helpful with my numerous requests.

Natasha Thomas, Course Coordinator

Thanks John

Dr. Crasta

I wanted to thank you for your help in expediting my order. Time was of the essence and you came through. When I need to make another purchase I will contact you next time.

Loretta Peet, DDS

Fantastic customer support. John was great to work with. When we hit a minor snafu with our order, the customer service response was incredible. We are completely satisfied and will do business again. The Clinton cabinets are incredible - even our contractor commented about the quality of them. I will do business with you again. Come by and see our beautiful cabinets any time!

Dr. Philip Nicholson

Thanks Hope! You have been super helpful. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving weekend and that this week is off to a nice start.

And thanks Mylene! As we've said, your assistance is invaluable!

Shuvo Ghosh MD

Thank u so much for making this right for me. I will buy more soon thanks!

Dr. Philip Nicholson

Hi guys,

Just to let you know the order arrived safely today. Once again I am impressed by your service. Thanks so much!

Dr. Richard Hurst
MB, BS, Dip Av Med, Dip Fam Med

Hi guys, Just to let you know the order arrived safely today. Once again I am impressed by your service. Thanks so much!

Stacy Lasso

Thank you so much! I appreciate it more than you know! I will absolutely contact you again in the future to supply our future sites with equipment as well.

Warm Regards,

Amy Jennings, Senior Clinical Research Associate

Thanks for great customer service. Kam answered all of my questions quickly and efficiently. Much better service and compassion than any other competitor out there. Thank you.

Susanne Batesko

Hi all the goods arrived without problem. I'm very happy with the service. Thanks. :)
Apolinar Lopez MD

I just want to say how much fun it is to open my boxes and see my new equipment arriving. Ordering from Medical Device Depot is easy and cost effective! My products arrive when you say and shipping is affordable.
Thank-you for all the help,
Jane Cornwell, CNP, Fusion Health &Wellness

You have absolutely made my day!

Mycala Shaulis, Towson University

Thank you so much! We appreciate all you do and your wonderful customer service.
Best regards,
Cherene, Beacon Clinics

I wanted to write a note of my sincerest appreciation for your kind donation of ekg machines for Promise for Haiti. This hospital mission is truly unique in that it requires Haitians to have an active role in their health care and is not just another donation driven facility giving solely handouts. Their mission is to teach the Haitians skills to eventually become self sustaining.

I will be going back down later this year and will try to get some pictures to you. We look to start implanting pacemakers in early 2015 and could not have done this without your help!!!
Omer L. Shedd, MD, FACC, FHRS

Thanks. The bar worked perfectly!
Jim P. Kidd, CMPE

I installed the cylinder this morning, works great!! I appreciate how well you handled the situation and how quickly it was handled.
Frank Chavez

Thank you so much! Your customer service has been fantastic. I will continue to purchase from you until I am unable to as I am very impressed with your service!
Jake - Lifeline Pet Supplies

Thank you for the FAST response!
Adil Jaffer, MD

Thank you for your help this afternoon. I appreciate you giving me exactly what I was looking for and not wasting any time about it. Thanks again!

I just want to thank you for your service. After a month with my ECG, I'm gladly happy with it, It works without problems and it's a great help for my medical practice.

Wanted to let you know that I really appreciate everything that you did for us. I really like the spirometer, it is what we needed. Again, I appreciate all that you have done . Keep up the good work.
Dale W.

Thanks for your quick response!
Debra S.

Great! Excellent and fast Support!

I called today, and [my invoice] came in my e-mail just after I hung up. Outstanding customer service!


Thank you so much!! We appreciate you :)

Thank you for the great service.


Excellent, thanks so much for all your help on this order. You have been fantastic!


Hi John, I got the item today! Such a great job.


Sterilizer received yesterday in great shape! :) We're glad to have it!!! Thanks very much.


Thank You for your excellent service.


Wow, you guys are AWESOME. :-)


John, we are both very grateful for you assistance in this matter. We are very passionate about the camp, him as a cardiologist and me as a hematology/oncology pediatric nurse. This camp allows our patients to experience "camp" that would otherwise be unaccessible to them. Their safety is our most pressing concern and your generosity has eased our worries. Thank you so very much.

Sharon R.
Thank you for your good service
Thank you very much for your. It was a pleasure doing business with you and Medical Device Depot. I wish you and your staff continued success for 2013.
M. Moore

We are an outpatient surgery center and constantly buying things. I will return soon back to you to purchase more stuff as it was a pleasure doing business with you.!
John Y.
Great, thanks! this has been a great experience!
The ECG machine arrived safe and sound. I personally opened the package, read the instructions, connected the
wires and leads and tested it on our leanest office staff person. It worked without a flaw. Thank You for the additional discount.
TKCumarasamy MD
I have recieved the ECG. This is the exact one we want. Thank you.
I ordered everything from you that we need that you had! Thanks so much. You have been wonderful.
Thank you for your help.
M. Hirzalla
Thank you very much! I appreciate your help.
We are ordering another cabinet for our other exam room. We really like it.
Rachel H.
Thanks so much Krista. You are the best!
Vince C.
Thanks John for working with us – looking forward to any future conversation. :-)
Thank you, great service!
Evelyn G.
Thank you for your donation of an AED to our ministry. Again, thank you for your generosity. Your kindness to our school is a real blessing.
Jonathan H.

Thanks again. That was fast and easy.

Thanks a lot. Great service!
Lubo I

You guys are fantastic!
Tim K, MobilexUSA

Thanks Christina. It was a pleasure doing business with you. We will email soon. Thank you!
Boris M

We have received the spiro-machine and now started to use it. I can inform you that we are very happy with it, and it has been a pleasure to do business with you.
Veslem E

Katherine, we picked up the cabinets today. They are fabulous. I'm sure we will have no problem finding a few homes for them. Thanks again for your effort to facilitate the donation. Please keep us in mind for any similar needs in the future.
Best regards,

Thanks again for your excellent service.
Richard Y

Thanks for the good service and best regards from Germany.
Lothar L, Promedus e.K.

Thank you for caring and helping us with our Brazil project.
Arsalan K

Thanks, John. Great customer service!
James B, Marine Corps Community Services

You have been very attentive to my needs. Thank you.
Dr. Honles

We ordered Renaissance II mouthpieces from [another company], waited 2 weeks and got the wrong ones. I ordered from you and received the correct ones within 2 days. You are super!
Dr. Harding

Thank you. You have been pleasant, polite & kind.
Peter B

Excellent service. I received my bipolar cable and it works perfect. It is exactly what I want, works great. I appreciate making business with you.
Dr. Turrubiates

Thank you very much for being patient with me. I really appreciate your attention.
Luis C

Your company was great. We will continue to use you over and over.
Jeannette D, Desert Hematology Oncology

You went out of your way to help & I'm thankful!
Wylie W

You guys are great! I am so happy I found your company!
Tina, Island Dermatology

I am very satisfied with the Welch Allyn equipment that I purchased along with the service that I received.
Dr. Michel, Excel Medical Center

I would like to take this time to let you know what a pleasure it has been to deal with your company. When I first went on the internet to find dealers for Medasonic Fetal Doppler, I had never heard of your company. In my previous position for 24 years at a large Academic Medical Center I usually dealt with vendors like Cardinal Health, Burrows, Medline etc. I was pleasantly surprised with your prices and the service oriented customer service staff. I was also very pleased that 6 months later you honored the original price when I purchased another unit.

Keep up the good work and I will recommend you highly to all my colleagues in the Healthcare business.
Toni S, Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service, Inc.

I don't know how you do it, but you have the best prices. I have been shopping for an EKG/spirometry combination for a few months now and your pricing blows me away.
Joseph R, Red Rock Healthcare LLC

Thank you to Rodney for all his help answering my questions in the online chat.
Nancy S

Thank you Marlee, it is refreshing to see a company that cares so much about customer service.
Kyle H, Medics USA

You guys are awesome.
John S, Okom Hospital Purchasing

I cannot find the words to describe how I feel as I sit here totally overwhelmed with so many emotions and one being fear of where I will ever come up with the funds to pay for a Microsperometer that is so needed when I am called up for my double lung transplant.
I keep in close contact with Kristie and Johnny Trimm owners of the Heavenly Heroes yahoo group I belong to so proudly. Kristie told me to have faith and let her try to help.
In contacting Medical Device Depot explaining my situation she spoke with a women named Hope. Hope and John heard my cry for help and donated the Microsperometer on behalf of Medical Device Depot, that I so desperetly needed. How wonderful is that?
Kristie told me to have Faith and she spoke with Hope. Hope donated, free of charge the life device I need with my new lungs.
So Faith + Hope = a Blessing!
May God Bless Hope and John from Medical Device Depot in all their adventures.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart
Leslie L

I do hope that we can do business together in the future, and I appreciate all of your help.
Warmest Regards,
Mandy W, M.D.
I appreciate your personal service and attention.
Dr. Weber
Thank for your recommendation of the ekg machine. Its even better than you described. I look forward to receiving the spirometer. Thank you for your great service, pricing, and customer service. It is highly unusual to receive such personal and good service.
Dr. Li
While Netsurfing, I found Medical Device Depot was the easiest to do business with, with a seamless ordering process. The bonus - also the best pricing!
B. Minevitz
Thank you for your assistance in obtaining my new spirometer and holter devices. I appreciate your prompt, courteous, and professional way of doing business.

Dear Marlee,
I have received the item (Nonin 9500) and it works well. Thank you very much. I am looking forward to further business with you.

Ngo Dieu Thuy Trang
Thank you Mr Gladstein for your attention.
I Purchased the ECG machine (1250 S) from your company through my brother Diogenes Duarte, in Lake City. I already got the machine for my wife.
Nelson D

Violet w/ Progressions Health & Beauty
She wanted you to know how pleased they are with the blood pressure monitor.
Lindsey Eagar
I dont know how you do it but I got the Microloop spirometer for over $200 less than the manufacturer offered it to me for. I will check with you from now on before I buy any medical equipment for my practice.
Jana, Pediatric Professionals South
I got the right EKG machine for my practice at about half the price of the machine that my local rep was offering. Your knowledge of EKG machines was astounding.
Dr. Brittenberg
Thank you for the prompt service and professionalism.
S. Goyal, MD, FACC

Just a quick note to tell you that you and your company ROCK! I received the items this morning and everyone is very pleased to have them J
I will be doing business with you again in 2010!
Michelle Lyon