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Medical Device Depot - Sterilizer

Choosing the Right Size Sterilizer

No matter whether you are running a small surgical practice, a general family practice or an operating room in a hospital, there is little that is more important than having perfect sterile equipment. One thing that you will find when you start looking for a sterilizer is that they come in a variety of types and sizes. The first thing you should probably consider is whether you want a fully automatic unit that allows you to simply fill it with your instruments, push the start button and walk away or a manual unit.

While an automatic sterilizer is far more convenient and easy to use, you are going to find that they tend to cost more money and you need to decide which will best fit in with your budget. Both styles will provide the same level of sterilization for your instruments, in the end it really boils down to which is simpler to use and which you can afford.

At Medical Device Depot you will find both types sterilizer available at prices that fit most budgets.

Medical Device Depot Pulse Ox

Looking for a New Pulse Ox Meter

A simple pulse ox meter has to be one of the most common pieces of equipment in the average doctor's office today. At one time these devices were rather cumbersome and reserved for use in hospitals, today these units are small enough to be stored in your pocket so that you never have to be without one when you go in to see your patients. Reading your patient's oxygen saturation levels is a very important part of making a correct diagnosis for your patients.

The latest pulse ox meters are designed to clip over your patients finger and provide you with a reading directly on the device. They feature a bright LED readout that not only provide an O2 saturation level reading, many of them provide pulse and temperature readings to make keeping an eye on your patients far easier than you have ever been able to before.

The Medical Device Depot has a wide selection of pulse ox meters for you to choose from to make sure that your office is properly equipped.

Medical Device Depot Autoclave

Why You need and Autoclave in your Office

One of the biggest problems faced by any medical facility whether it is a small family doctor's office or a full operating theater in a major hospital is infection control. During the course of the average day, you use a variety of different types of medical equipment on your patients. If you do not have a way to sterilize this equipment properly, you put your patients at risk by spreading infectious germs from one patient to another. An autoclave can stop this risk dead in its tracks by providing you with the means to sterilize all of your small equipment.

You will find that while a hospital might use a very large autoclave capable of holding large quantities of equipment at any one time, you can get a much smaller unit that can be set on a counter in your offices. These units do the exact same job and are just as efficient as the bigger units at eliminating infections; they are just more suited to your needs and are far more affordable.

The Medical Device Depot has the perfect size autoclave for your office; choose from a wide range of models at prices low enough to fit in with most budgets.

Medical Device Depot ECG

The LifePak 1000 ECG Display Defibrillator

If you are ready to replace your defibrillator with an updated unit, you should consider the LifePak 1000 ECG Display Defibrillator as it is one of the most advanced platforms that will provide your best resuscitation options now and in the foreseeable future. This is the most rugged model the Medtronic has ever built. It is designed to be taken out in the field and to stand up to any conditions you are likely to encounter. You can check battery conditions at the touch of a button and be ready to go.

This ECG display defibrillator is fully compatible with many other Medtronic units and is rapidly becoming the unit of choice by many hospitals and EMT units. The replaceable non-rechargeable battery is capable of delivering up to 425 shocks before it needs replaced.

If you are interested in the LifePak 1000 ECG Display Defibrillator at the lowest possible prices you need to visit the Medical Device Depot.

Medical Device Depot Holter

Introducing the IQmark EZ Holter

Traditional Holter monitors can be challenging to set up and use, wasting valuable office time and frustrating both the patient and the doctor. The IQmark EZ was designed to make this process as simple as possible. All you need to do is enter the information about your patient and select auto report, after this you are ready to start monitoring your patient. Big easy to use button menus that are consistent with the IQmark Diagnostic Workstation are designed to make the management of all of your diagnostic tests far easier than ever before.

While the IQmark EZ is fully automated, you can quickly set your own parameters so that you can target individual areas for analysis. Any way you cut it, the IQmark EZ Holter is designed to make even the most sophisticated analysis a much easier and less time consuming process.

You can find the IQmark EZ Holter at the Medical Device Depot at the lowest price on the web, guaranteed.