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Provide Your Patients Pain Relief with Electrotherapy

There are many ways to provide your patients with the pain relief they need. Many doctors still insist that the only way to handle pain is with drugs. Sadly this has led to a wealth of problems ranging from addiction to serious side effects. You can now provide your patients with the pain relief they need with the latest electrotherapy equipment from Germany with the PRO ElecDT 2000.

There are many doctors that would like to try this type of therapy, but are afraid that they are not going to be able to afford the equipment to do so. At the Medical Device Depot we understand that the average medical professional is working under very tight budget restraints. Our goal has always been to provide the medical community with the equipment they need at prices that they can easily afford. Please visit us for the latest equipment at the lowest possible prices.

Track Your Youngest Patients with a Fetal Doppler Monitor

If you are going to count pregnant mothers among your patients, you are going to need the tools to help keep an eye on their unborn child. The most common tool is the fetal Doppler monitor as not only does it let you listen to the baby's heart, but you can put the parents minds at ease when they get to hear their unborn child's heart beat for the first time.

While you might need to have at least one fetal Doppler monitor in your office, this does not mean that you should have to pay too much for it. Rather than buying one from that medical supply catalog that came in the mail, visit us at the Medical Device Depot and take a look at our inventory and our guaranteed low prices before you buy, you will like what you see.

Choosing the Best Fetal Dopplers for Your Office

As an obstetrician you will find that every new mom that comes into your office for a check will want to hear the heartbeat of her new baby. While fetal Dopplers were designed as a diagnostic tool, letting her hear the baby's heart beat will give her peace of mind in knowing that her baby is alive and doing well. It also confirms the same thing to you without the need for further testing.

You will find that there are several choices when it comes to buying fetal Dopplers from the Medical Device Depot. We carry several different styles ranging from the simple all in one device to the more expensive separate sensors speaker models.  To help you make better diagnostic decisions, should the need arise; you might want to consider investing in at least one unit that can be connected to a printer so that you can analyze the baby's heartbeat.

Time to Update Your Fetal Monitors

Is it time for you to update your fetal monitors? For most obstetricians, fetal monitors are one of the most commonly used devices in the office. Each time a pregnant mother comes in for a prenatal checkup the first things she is likely to want, is to be able to hear her baby's heartbeat, which means that you cannot afford to have broken or barely functional fetal monitors in your office.

While this is an easy statement to make, the average office budget has been shrinking right along with the cuts in how much the state is willing to pay for those who are on state insurance. When you need new fetal monitors and your budget is screaming for used purchases only, you need to take a look at the prices in the online catalog at the Medical Device Depot. You might find that our prices on brand new monitors will fit into your budget as well as used units you would rather not trust.

Sending Your Patients Home with Holters

As a cardiac care clinic, you know that you are going to have to monitor your patients at home from time to time. There are Holters that you can use to do this as they can record up to 24 hours of continuous readings so that you can see what your patient's heart is doing both during a normal day's activities and while they are sleeping.

The knowledge that you can gain with the information gained with Holters from the Medical Device Depot can be used to change the treatment you are currently giving to a patient. It can also help you to detect and diagnose a patient who might not even be aware of the fact that he has a heart condition in the first place. We carry a large selection of both portable and stationary Holter monitors for you to choose from that will help you make the right diagnosis consistently.