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Saving Money on a Otoscope from Welch Allyn

Each of your examination rooms should have an otoscope hanging on the wall right where you can get your hands on it. The Welch Allyn otoscope was designed for use in checking the inner area of your patient's ears, but as you well know this is one of the most useful tools in your inventory. Even with this you should never have to overpay to make sure you have enough for one in each room.

The Medical Device Depot was established in recognition of the fact that medical professionals need to have access to affordable equipment such as the Welch Allyn otoscope so that they can focus on taking care of their patients rather than spending their time worrying about how they are going to be able to afford to replace their aging equipment, because of budget constraints.

Providing Your Patients with a Pulmonary Function Test

As a physician, part of your job is to be able to provide your patients with a range of testing services to help diagnose and treat the different illnesses they are going to come to you with. One such illness that has been on the increase for many years is asthma. To properly diagnose this illness and treat it you will need the equipment necessary to perform a pulmonary function test.

If you are going to perform a pulmonary function test, you are going to need a spirometer such as those available at the Medical Device Depot. You can use this device to make a preliminary diagnosis and then continue to use it to monitor their condition on an ongoing basis. Once you have added a spirometer to your office you will have instant access to the information you need to adjust your treatment recommendations or send your patients for further testing.

Finding the Right Pulse Oximeter

Finding a selection of pulse oximeters is not difficult; there are a number of different places that carry them. What you are likely to find difficult is finding a quality meter that is neither too cheap to be on any good, or so expensive as to waste your money. A good pulse oximeter does not need to have a lot of fancy features on it; it need only read the level of oxygen in your blood accurately. Other than that the only other feature it needs to have is an easy to read display.

On the other hand there have a been a lot of meters showing up from overseas, that are cheap and not very accurate, many of these have started to appear  as pulse oximeters have become more popular as a sports aid. When you need them for use in your medical office, your best bet is to purchase it through a retailer such as the Medical Device Depot that carries name brand pulse oximeters that are made in the USA and carry a warranty.

Pulse Oximetry and the Dentist

While the use of pulse oximetry equipment has been traditionally thought of as a part of just the medical community, this is no longer the case. Modern dental schools are teaching new dentist that any time they are performing dental work that involves the use of sedatives and a loss of blood during the work, the patient's blood oxygen saturation rate should be monitored.

Many established dentists are still not doing this for one or more reasons. The main one is that they still believe pulse oximetry equipment is too expensive for their budget to be able to cover the cost. While this might have been the case in years gone past, this is no longer a good reason not to offer your patients and superior level of care. At the Medical Device Depot you will find a selection of very affordable pulse oximeters for use in both medical and dental practices.

Buying Your Spirometers at Below Wholesale Prices

One of the biggest expenses any type of medical facility has to face is the ever increasing cost of medical diagnostic equipment including the spirometers you need to diagnose and monitor your COPD patients. The problem is that at some point you are going to have to buy new spirometry equipment, buy you need to find a way to save money on them so that you can stay within your budget.

If you contact your regular medical equipment salesperson, the "discount price" he is likely to give you may cause your heart to skip a beat or two. These prices can cause you to think twice about buying the new equipment you need. Instead of this, you need to take a look at our online catalog at the Medical Device Depot. We offer all of the equipment you need at the lowest prices you will find anywhere on the web, including those sites that claim to have wholesale prices.