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Medical Device Depot – Holter Systems

Finding the Right Holter Systems for Your Offices

There are many different brands and styles of Holter systems on the market today and it can be confusing trying to decide which ones are right for your offices. You need to consider the type of patients you will be primarily working with and the level of cardiac care they are going to need. Each patient you see is likely to need a different level of monitoring.

Holter systems come in several different styles ranging from stationary units that can be placed in your examination room to portable monitors that can be sent home with your patients to get a full 24 hour picture of what their heart is doing. There are models that plug directly into a computer so that you can send the results to another facility for evaluation.

You will find a wide selection of Holter systems at rock bottom prices at the Medical Device Depot.

Medical Device Depot – Spirometer Easy One

The Easy One Spirometer Family Provides Fast, Easy Results

When you need a truly easy to use spirometer for your clinic or office, the Easy One Spirometer has been carefully designed to meet these needs. One of the biggest challenges that medical professionals meet with is that there are far too many pieces of equipment that are overly complex and can be very difficult to use.

When you are running the average medical office, you don't have time to waste trying to learn how to use a complicated piece of equipment and your patients will quickly lose their patience waiting. The Easy One spirometer makes lung function testing faster, simpler and more reliable than many other brands on the market today. All units include state of the art software and built in memory to help you track and record your test results.

You can learn more about the Easy One spirometer at Medical Device Depot, where you will find several versions at everyday low prices.

Medical Device Depot – Vascular Dopplers

Identify Blockages Quickly Using Vascular Dopplers

When you have patients that are exhibiting signs of vascular blockages and need a fast and simple way to detect them, consider using vascular Dopplers as a way to diagnose them. Using ultrasound technology you can easily evaluate the flow of blood through individual blood vessels, major arteries and veins throughout the patient's arms, legs, abdomen and neck.

You can use a vascular Doppler to keep an eye on the flow of blood to major organs and the tissues of your patient's body, find stenosis, plaque and emboli or other abnormalities long before they can become a serious problem and then plan for their effective treatment. This technology can help you detect blood clots including deep venous thrombosis in both legs and arms and help you decide whether or not your patient is a suitable candidate for angioplasty and so many more medical issues.

You will find a large selection of vascular Dopplers available at the Medical Device Depot to choose from to improve your diagnostic capabilities.

Medical Device Depot – Vital Sign Monitors

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Vital Sign Monitors?

 How long has it been since you last upgraded your vital sign monitors? If you answer five years or more, you might be surprised at the advances that have been made in this equipment. The latest models offer on the spot, instantaneous readings of all vital signs and can record the information so that you can review it if necessary.

These vital sign monitors offer large LCD readouts so that they can be read in low light conditions and from across the room. More importantly they are smaller and less intrusive in an area where space is always at a premium so that your staff and your patient's visitors are not hampered by large pieces of medical equipment in a room that is already small and cluttered,

You can see a full selection of vital sign monitors at the Medical Device Depot where we offer top line medical equipment at the lowest possible prices.

Medical Device Depot - Vital Sings Monitors

Why You Need Vital Signs Monitors

Of all the different pieces of equipment used in hospitals and operating theaters, vital sings monitors are among the most common and the most important. Without being able to track this information in this manner, you will have to rely on a member of your staff to continuously perform this task. This can lead to erroneous readings and cause major complications for your patients.

While doctors and nurses are both trained to take vital signs, they cannot do so frequently enough to provide the required information. With electronic vital signs monitors, the patient can be monitored continuously so that the medical professional can see how their patient is doing at a glance. This rapid access to such important information can allow the doctor to make changes in the way they are treating their patient instantly and can result in many saved lives, especially in the operating theater.

If you need to purchase new vital signs monitors for your facility, you will find a large selection available at the Medical Device Depot at the lowest possible prices.