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Medical Device Depot – Emergency Drug Kits

Be Prepared with Emergency Drug Kits

As a medical or dental professional, you have no way of knowing when or if one of your patients is going to experience a medical emergency such as an allergic reaction or diabetic episode. If you are not properly equipped with the right emergency drug kits, you could end up losing a patient before an ambulance can arrive with necessary drugs.

Among the drugs that are found in most emergency drug kits are epinephrine injectors and ampules for allergic reactions, ammonia inhalants, glucose, albuterol inhalers and several others. These drugs are intended to be used as an emergency intervention strictly to provide you with enough time to contact an ambulance and arrange for transport of your patient to the emergency room for the appropriate level of care. These kits come with automatic drug refill services that ensure the kits are properly stocked with current medications at all times.

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Medical Device Depot – Onyx Pulse Oximeter

Oxygen Level Monitoring on the Go with the Onyx Pulse Oximeter

As an EMT service, your medical staff must have the right equipment to monitor their patients on the move. They do not have the space in the ambulance to carry a lot of big, bulky equipment. The Onyx pulse oximeter line is perfect for this particular application as they have all been designed to be used on the fly as well as in the hospital bed.

The Onyx pulse oximeter is a small fingertip oximeter that is completely self-contained.  Battery powered with an automatic shut off to preserve the batteries, these units will provide you with extremely accurate blood oxygen saturation levels as well as a current pulse rate in a large LED readout that is easy to see in bright daylight or the dark of night. They even offer a Bluetooth model that can transmit the results to another Bluetooth enabled device.

You can see the Onyx pulse oximeter lineup at the Medical Device Depot, leading the way in top name medical equipment at affordable prices.

Medical Device Depot – Otoscope

No Office Should Be without an Otoscope

This is a simple fact; no medical office that treats patients should ever be without an otoscope in every exam room. While this device was originally designed to be used for looking in a patient's ears, it has many other uses such a peering in at their tonsils or up into their sinuses. The very latest in otoscopes from Welch Allyn take this simple device one step further.

The Welch Allyn Digital Macroview Otoscope contains a tiny digital camera that lets you see what it is seeing on your computer screen. This means that you can get a much clearer picture of what you re looking at, share it with other professionals and store copies of the images on your computer for later inclusion in the patient's permanent file. This makes it the perfect tool for better diagnostics and treatment of your patients.

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Medical Device Depot – Schiller Monitors

Equipping Your Office with Schiller Monitors

Whether you are opening a new clinic or simply replacing old equipment with new, you will find that adding Schiller monitors to your equipment roster can help you take better care of your patients.  If you need exam room vital sign monitors or EKG machines, Schiller manufactures them to the highest possible standards for use in hospitals, private clinics and doctor's offices.

When you are ready to buy a selection of Schiller monitors, you need to find a way to buy what you need without going massively over budget. The chances of accomplishing this using your usual equipment sales company are pretty slim as most salesmen work on a commission basis. The only place that you are likely to find affordable prices is online and even here you are going to have to pay close attention to where you shop or you could still end up overpaying.

At the Medical Device Depot, we offer Schiller monitors and hundreds of other pieces of medical equipment at the guaranteed lowest prices on the Internet.

Medical Device Depot – Vision Screeners

Vision Screeners are Not Just for Optometrists

Your patients may go to their optometrist for a complete eye examination and vision test once a year, but you will find that there are many other times when you may be asked to check their vision. Medical professionals can use vision screeners for a variety of tasks, such as certifying the local high school kids for driver's education classes or over the road truck drivers for the DOT physical. In either case a failed screening can mean the difference between being able to drive and being grounded.

If you are going to provide DOT physicals, you will be required to have one of these vision screeners or you patients are going to end up having to schedule an eye exam with an optometrist. You can also find these units in industrial nurse's offices to help keep a close eye on employees who must have a certain visual acuity to do their job.

The Medical Device Depot carries several different vision screeners for you to choose from at the lowest prices available.