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Nihon Kohden is Japan's leading maker of ECGs, patient monitors, AEDs, and medical electronic equipment.

The cardiofaxM features a large color screen for the viewing of all 12-leads simultaneously, with keyboard for patient data entry. This machine also includes interpretation, forty patient internal memory (optional flash card extended memory), and a built-in ECG waveform generator (for ease of trouble shooting and over the phone training).

The cardiofaxS features an interpretive analysis program which provides simultaneous 12 lead acquisition of up to 24 seconds and analyzes approximately 200 findings and 5 judgement categories.

A large color fully articulating screen shows your patients ECG the exact same size as it is printed on the internal thermal calibrated sheet, complete with an on-screen grid. A visual keyboard pops up on the TFT LCD touch screen for speedy patient data entry, or an external keyboard can be plugged in.

The CardiofaxVET ECG-1950K is a highly reliable, 6-lead electrocardiograph for dogs and cats. It provides not only 6 channel resting recording but also 1 or 3 channel rhythm recording on 110 mm paper from a built-in thermal array printer.