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Medical Device Depot –Spirometers

Saving Money on Your Next Order of Spirometers

The cost of everything seems to be going up including medical equipment. In order to avoid increasing the already high fees that patients must endure, especially those who do not have medical insurance. For the medical professional it means learning to cut costs, especially when it comes time to purchase new equipment such as spirometers for his office.

At same time saving money on your new spirometers does not mean that you should have to settle for inferior quality equipment. One way that you can still be able to buy top quality equipment and keep the costs down is to stop buying them from your local vendor and start buying online.  At the Medical Device Depot you will find the latest medical equipment from brand name manufacturers at prices you won't find anywhere else. This will help you keep your costs down, which is a savings you can pass on to your customers.

The Medical Device Depot is dedicated to providing the medical community with the equipment they need at prices that won't break the bank.

Medical Device Depot – Thermometers

Keeping Thermometers in Stock

As a medical clinic one of the first diagnostic tools you reach for is a thermometer. Without a good supply of reliable thermometers to work with, things in your office can come to a grinding halt. While you may have several of the bigger and more expensive models, these are not always the most convenient as they certainly don’t fit in the pocket of your lab coat. The other thing you have to keep in mind is that you cannot afford to leave expensive thermometers lying around as they have a habit of disappearing when no one is looking.

With this in mind we invite you to take a look at the different types of thermometers we have in stock. You will find that we have the very latest digital ear models as well as packages of the less expensive almost disposable models. These are the ones you can afford to lose from time to time or even give away to your patients when they cannot afford their own.

The Medical Device Depot carries a wide selection of thermometers at the lowest prices you are going to find on the web, ready to ship directly to your offices.

Medical Device Depot – Ultrasound Machines

Tips for Buying Ultrasound Machines

When you need to upgrade your diagnostic capabilities to include the use of ultrasound machines you will find that with a little research, there are so many different brands to choose from, it can be confusing. To make matters even worse the prices of this type of equipment vary dramatically. In order to buy an ultrasound unit, you need to start out with finding a reputable dealer that carries a selection of high quality machines at affordable prices.

When you shop at the Medical Device Depot, you will find that they carry a selection of top quality ultrasound machines from names you can trust. Each of these units is priced hundreds if not thousands of dollars below full retail at prices that won't break your budget. The ultrasound is a very important diagnostic tool; don't be fooled into buying poor quality equipment just because the price is cheap.

At Medical Device Depot, we carry top quality equipment at low prices so that you can get what you need, when you need it.

Medical Device Depot – Welch Allyn Vital Signs

The Welch Allyn Vital Signs Monitor 300 Series

If you are looking for an easy to use, moderately priced vital signs monitor to use for initial patient assessment or continuous monitoring the Welch Allyn Vital Signs Monitor 300 Series is exactly what you need. This lightweight and very portable unit is capable of taking a non-invasive blood pressure reading along with pulse rate and MAP. You can also purchase the optional Sure Temp Plus Thermometry attachment and either a Masimo or Nellcor pulse oximetry device. You can add an integrated thermal printer to make a permanent record of the readings.

The Welch Allyn Vital Signs Monitor 300 Series comes with a regular and a large adult cuff, NIBP cables,  a power cord, an owner's manual and a training CD so that you and your staff can quickly become familiar with this device and get the most out of its capabilities with every patient that you use it for. Once you have one of these remarkable devices in your facility, you may find that you order several more.

The Medical Device Depot carries the Welch Allyn Vital Signs Monitor 300 Series in stock at the lowest price on the web guaranteed.