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The Best Product To Diagnose PAD - Summit LifeDop 250

The Summit LifeDop 250 is one of the best products on the market today to help you diagnose Peripheral Arterial Disease (P.A.D.) to ensure that you meet the government’s reimbursement standards.

Some of the excellent features of this product include a fast waveform printout on label paper that has adhesive on the back. This makes it very easy for you to place the print outs on your reimbursement report forms. Small conveniences such as this can really make the administrative work in your office a lot easier. You and your medical staff will spend less time searching for paperwork, so you can get down to the business of working on your patients.

The Summit doppler also features a doppler that is very affordable and portable. It also comes with a cable and a recharger. This will make it quite convenient for you to move the product around from place to place in your office. Another benefit of this device is that the display shows the direction of blood flow and the signal frequency. Automatic scaling and calibration means you do not have to waste time on such mundane procedures.

Summit Vista AVS - Advanced ABI/Vascular System

The Summit Vista AVS - Advanced ABI/Vascular System is an outstanding ABI system that has a full set of features that will make doing your job easier every day. You will be able to make your ABI and other arterial exams much easier to do and quite a bit faster. You also will be able to interpret and document the results better. This product has a guide that is on screen that also has a very convenient hand held controller to make the ABI exam easier. The Vista AVS also allows you to perform your custom protocols in a Fastview mode that is very unique in the industry.

You will like that fact that with the Summit Vista, you can perform an ABI exam when your patient is sitting down. This makes it possible for you to assess your patients easily even if she has a disability or some sort of mobility impairment. Also, you can customize your exam easily by choosing the number and location of the arterial sites for the particular exam.

This device also makes it possible for you to easily obtain pressure for supine ABI, TBI and segmental exams. You can perform them with the arterial photoplethysmograhpy probe, which is very convenient.

The cuff inflaction/deflation system is automated and very easy to use. Also, the graphic waveform display includes instructions for an easy, step by step examination. The automatic ABI, TBI and segmental calculation means you do not have to spend your precious time on figuring out these numbers.

It has a bi-directional Doppler with nine blood pressure cuffs, and its modality is pulse volume recording. We also like that the software with the device allows full page reporting and storage of exams. You also get download capability in various formats – PDF, CSV or DICOM formats.

The Top Features of the Nasiff CardioResting™ ECG System

The Nasiff CardioResting™ ECG System has caught our eye this month because it is, to our knowledge, the first complete and full featured PC cardiology system that has 12 leads. This EKG in our tests was shown to be highly durable, easy for staff to learn and very reliable. We find that it performs and manages tests and saves your practice a lot of money. It also is very helpful because it is able to work with the existing equipment in your office. You do not need to replace the equipment in your practice to work with the Nasdiff.

We also are impressed that this ECG is completely EMR compatible and has a free database management system included. This makes it very easy for you to integrate the histories for every patient in your office. It does not matter whether the tests are for stress, resting, blood pressure or holter. We think this is a major point worth making again – this system lets you integrate the histories and saves you a lot of administrative time. What a great concept!

The Nasiff also comes with ECG interpretation classes that include MIs, blocks, enlargements, axis and over 100 calls total. Further,it has a real-time lead color display of ECG/EKG complex. It provides the user with complete patient demographics and information, and HR with global measurements, as well as values for complete interval and ST information.

It is really helpful that you are able to capture ECG/EKG durations of the patient data to any sort of storage medium you deem appropriate. And you can do this completely unlimited, as much as you need.

Consider the Best - Wallach LL100 Cryosurgical System

The Wallach LL100 Cryosurgical System has a unique two-trigger design that allows you to control with great precision both the freeze and defrost features of the product. You have double the freezing power of other products on the market. So the LL100 is able to do both of these functions well in much less time.

Freeze and defrost on this product only happens when they are triggered. This product is very light in weight, has excellent balance and can be easily moved. This is of great benefit to you because it gives you a complete view of the tissue you are targeting. You will definitely be able to perform your surgeries more effectively with this excellent piece of equipment.

Another plus of the Wallach product is that the gas hose allows you to move around during the operation with more freedom. You also can change the cryotips at any time you wish and no venting is needed. There are a very large variety of conductive and sterilized cryotips and disposable plastic shields that you can purchase.

Some of the optional accessories with the Wallach LL100 Cryosurgical System are N20 and CO2 cylinders, which allow about 80 minutes of total freeze time. The cylinders are given to you unfilled. You can fill them at any medical gas supplier. You also can purchase a rolling cart that is very sturdy for moving the cylinder around.

This excellent product has a five year warranty, and one year unconditional.