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Get the Big Picture with Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Equipment

While a single blood pressure reading may be able to tell that your patient has high blood pressure while he is in your office, this may or may not be the case during the rest of his day. It can be easy to misdiagnose a problem from a single blood pressure reading. If there is any doubt, you need to send your patient home with an ambulatory blood pressure monitoring device.

Using an ambulatory blood pressure monitoring device from the Medical Device Depot will allow you to obtain a complete set of blood pressure readings over a period of 24 hours. This way you can look at the big picture and see exactly what your patient's blood pressure does under a variety of daily activities. This will make it much easier for you to be able to provide the right type of treatment to bring their blood pressure back under control.

Save Money by Purchasing Refurbished ECG Equipment

If you are like many smaller ambulance services, you are being forced to work with a budget that keeps shrinking. This means that when the time comes to start replacing some of your older equipment that you may not be able to afford to buy the things like ECG equipment brand new. However, before you start looking for used equipment, you should contact us here at the Medical Device Depot.

While our main focus is on providing top brand new name new ECG equipment at very affordable prices, we do understand that there are times when the budget just is not going to allow for the purchase of new equipment. You will find however, that we often have the equipment you need in our refurbished selection. Each of these items is in like new condition and is priced significantly lower than our brand new equipment, but will provide you with the same level of service.

Cutting the Costs of the EKG Equipment You Need

EKG equipment can represent a relatively large investment for any type of medical treatment facility. While no longer the huge pieces of stationary equipment they were long ago, these machines still represent an investment of thousands of dollars. It also means that if you are like most medical facilities and are working with an ever shrinking budget that you need to find an affordable source.

Today's EKG equipment is much smaller and easily portable, at the same time it is still very expensive and at the Medical Device Depot we work continuously with a variety of different top brand name manufacturers to bring you the equipment you need at prices you can afford. We offer the lowest prices on EKG equipment you will find at any online medical equipment supply site or we will refund the difference in price to you.

The Easy One Spirometer Offers Ease of Use and Fast Results

When you are looking for a new easy to use spirometer for your clinic or office, the Easy One Spirometer has been specifically designed to meet these needs. One of the biggest complaints we hear from medical professionals is that there are far too many pieces of equipment that are overly complex and can be very difficult to use.

When you are running a small medical clinic, you cant afford to waste time trying to learn how to use a complicated piece of equipment and your patients will quickly get fed up with waiting. The Easy One spirometer available at Medical Device Depot makes lung function testing faster, easier and more reliable than many other brands on the market today. All units use state of the art software and built in memory to help you track and record your test results.

Get a Clear Picture of Your Patients' Blood Flow with Vascular Dopplers

When you have a patient arrive at your facility showing signs of vascular blockage, you may not have the time to waste setting up an appointment for a CT scan. You will find that in many cases using one of the various vascular Dopplers available from the Medical Device Depot can help you make the initial diagnosis quickly and easily.

Vascular Dopplers use the latest in ultrasound technology to visually evaluate the patient's blood flow thought his major arteries and veins as they flow throughout his extremities and abdomen. At the same time you can use one of these devices to keep a close eye on the flow of blood to his major organs to help you establish the best possible course of treatment to reduce problems such as plaque buildup, thrombosis and emboli that can lead to strokes and or heart attack.