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Saving Lives Thanks to a 12 Lead EKG

When an EMT is on the job, they are required to take every step possible to resuscitate the patient and to keep them alive on the way to the emergency room. In order to do this their ambulance must have access to all of the equipment they could possibly need and this should include a 12 Lead EKG to keep a close eye on cardiac patients.

When you take a close look at the growing number of stroke and heart attack patients that are becoming a large percentage of the patients being transported, you can see why more ambulances need to be carrying a 12 Lead EKG on board. When you are ready to equip your ambulance, you will find that the Medical Device Depot carries a several top line 12 lead EKG units for you to choose from at the lowest possible prices.

Tracking Your Patients More Closely Using Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors

While knowing where your patient's blood pressure is at when he comes into the office can help you begin to get an idea of where to start diagnosing his health issues, it is only a beginning and while it is enough for most patient, you are going to find that using ambulatory blood pressure monitors can provide you with far more accurate results that can make it much easier for you to prescribe the right treatment.

Unlike the standard blood pressure monitor you use in your office, you can send your patient home wearing one of the latest ambulatory blood pressure monitors and track the blood pressure at predetermined intervals over a period of 24 hours so that you can verify your diagnosis and provide the right treatment. The Medical Device Depot has a selection of top models for you to choose from at the lowest prices you will find anywhere on the web.

Finding a Good Selection of Audiometers

When you are ready to replace the audiometers in your medical facility, you not only have to keep in mind where your budget is, but finding the right equipment to meet your needs. Chances are that if you rely on that salesman who comes in once a month to see if there is anything you need, you are going to be faced with a poor selection at prices far above where your budget will go.

At the Medical Device Depot we have built our business with the idea of being able to provide medical community with the equipment they need such as audiometers at prices that will fit into most budgets. We offer top brand name products at the guaranteed lowest prices on the web to help you get the equipment you need at prices you can easily afford. We even offer refurbished equipment for those on extremely tight budgets.

Add a Bariatric Table to Your Office

The number of clinically obese people in the US is growing at tragic rates and as such this means that you as a doctor must equip your examination rooms to handle this type of patient. You will find that the standard examination table is not designed for nor will it hold the weight of this type of patient. To manage this category of patients you will need to equip one or more of your exam rooms with a bariatric table.

The new bariatric table has been built to handle up to 1000 pounds allowing you to examine even the heaviest of your patients. These tables are built with stainless steel frames and heavy duty high density foam for the patient to lie on. These tables are extra wide to ensure the comfort of your patients and are available at the Medical Device Depot in a wide variety of colors.

Equip Your Office with a Burdick EKG

When you are ready to equip your office with a new EKG unit, you will find that there is a wealth of different brands to choose from. If you are not careful, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with the choices. At the Medical Device Depot we offer the Burdick EKG 8500 as one of our more popular choices at very affordable prices.

This Burdick EKG machine was designed with a busy office in mind as it features a very user friendly and easy to use interface. It also offers a multi-angle 7 inch view screen that allows you to see your patient's waveform from practically any angle. The internal filters clean up the waveform before it is analyzed and measured using the latest Glasgow Infirmary algorithms. If you are looking for an easy to use EKG unit that is compact, fast and accurate, this is the EKG machine for you to choose.