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Saving Money on Your Oximetry Equipment Needs

It seems like every time you turn around the cost of equipment for your practice keeps going up. Your patients and their insurance companies can only afford to cover so much of these costs in increased fees. However when you need new oximetry equipment to be able to properly diagnose and treat your patients, you have no choice but to buy the equipment you need.

At the same time, this does not mean that you should call your favorite medical equipment sales representative and ask him to sell you the oximetry equipment you need. That is unless money is no object. At the Medical Device Depot we believe that every member of the medical community should have access to the medical equipment they need and as such we carry a full selection of the top brands in equipment at the guaranteed lowest prices on the web.

Is Your Facility Ready for New Ultrasound Machines?

As an administrator it is a part of your job to keep a close eye on the budget and track when it is time to update your equipment. When the time comes to replace your ultrasound machines, you are going to have to think outside of the box to find the new machines your diagnostic department is demanding at prices that are going to be inside of your budget.

This means that you are no longer going to be able to deal with the salesperson who keeps calling you on the phone or stops by every few weeks, his prices are not even going to be in the ballpark. If you want to buy the latest ultrasound machines at prices that are well inside your budget, you are going to need to visit the Medical Device Depot and browse our online catalog.

Why Settle for a Snapshot when an ABPM Can Give You a Movie

As you well know, your patient's blood pressure is not a static measurement, it changes constantly and what may be an acceptable blood pressure reading in your office, could be off the charts at home. In order to get the whole picture, you need to send your patient home with an ABPM or ambulatory blood pressure monitor.

At the Medical Device Depot we carry the Oscar 2 ABPM from SunTech Medical. This unit is no bigger than an iPod mp3 player and straps directly onto your patient's bicep so that you can get a recording of their blood pressure readings over a period of time that will provide you with enough information to prescribe the most appropriate level of treatment. Never settle for a single picture when you can sit down and watch the whole movie.

Your Patient's Ambulatory Blood Pressure Can Tell You a Lot

In many cases a single blood pressure reading is just not going to provide you with enough information; what you need is a way to continuously monitor their blood pressure over an extended period of time. To do this you will need an ambulatory blood pressure monitor. The Oscar 2 ABPM was specifically designed to allow you to monitor your patient for 24 hours.

Using the Oscar 2 ABPM ambulatory blood pressure monitor available from Medical Device Depot you will be able to diagnose hypertension and have the ability to take accurate readings while your patient is asleep. These readings make it easier for you to adjust your patient's drug therapy regimens. You also get special software that is designed to speed up analyzing the blood pressure readings and diagnosing any potential problems with your patients.

Finding a Good Selection of Audiometers

When you are ready to replace the audiometers in your medical facility, you not only have to keep in mind where your budget is, but finding the right equipment to meet your needs. Chances are that if you rely on that salesman who comes in once a month to see if there is anything you need, you are going to be faced with a poor selection at prices far above where your budget will go.

At the Medical Device Depot we have built our business with the idea of being able to provide medical community with the equipment they need such as audiometers at prices that will fit into most budgets. We offer top brand name products at the guaranteed lowest prices on the web to help you get the equipment you need at prices you can easily afford. We even offer refurbished equipment for those on extremely tight budgets.