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Medical Device Depot – Holter

Keeping an Eye on Your Patients at Home with a Holter Monitor

As a cardiologist you know just how important it is to know what your patient's heart is doing, not only while he is attached to the EKG machine in your office, but often during his normal daily routine at home. Since you cannot expect your patient to remain connected to, let alone lug around a portable EKG machine, you will have to send him home wearing a Holter monitor.

The Holter monitor is a small device that is worn on the chest under the patients clothing and is held in place be a special harness. It will measure and record his heart rhythm for at least 24 hours and provide you with a viewable printout that can be used to look for any abnormal rhythms such as arrhythmias or myocardial ischemia. This information can then be used to help diagnose and treat the problem more accurately.

At the Medical Device Depot you will find a full range of Holter monitors to choose from at prices that won’t break your budget.t

Medical Device Depot –Otoscopes

Stock Your Exam Rooms with the Latest Otoscopes

Otoscopes are one of the most commonly used pieces of diagnostic equipment in any medical examination room. They are used for looking in ears, up noses and down throats. While designed initially for peering into ears, you use this simple device more than you probably use a thermometer. This does not mean that you should have to spend a fortune on them.

At the Medical Device Depot we carry the latest otoscopes from Welch Allyn to ensure that you can have the best possible equipment in your exam rooms. The big difference is that we sell them directly to you at prices that are far below full retail. We are so sure that we have the lowest prices that we have a money back guarantee that states we will happily refund the difference if you find a lower price online.

Medical Device Depot – Oximeters

Oximeters Have Come a Long Way

For the latter half of the 20th century doctors have relied on oximeters to tell them where their patient's blood oxygen concentration levels were. These machines were mounted on a cart or a stand and connected to the patient via a long wire and a clamp on sensor that was usually attached to a finger. While this definitely provided the much needed information, the wires always seemed to get in the way.

Modern oximeters are now a fully self-contained device that clamps onto the patients finger. These new models still provide highly accurate blood oxygen saturation levels as well as pulse readings. The big difference is that being self-contained means no long wire getting the way. It also means that these oximeters have a large, easy to read LED readout on the top so that you can see the SpO2 reading at a glance while you are examining your patient or at night without having to disturb anyone.

You will find a large selection of the latest oximeters at the Medical Device Depot at the lowest prices on the web.

Medical Device Depot – Pulse Ox

Put a Pulse Ox Meter in Every Ambulance

There are many different pieces of diagnostic and testing equipment your ambulances should all have on board to help them take care of their patients. One that seems to end up being ignored or put at the bottom of the equipment request list is the pulse ox meter or pulse oximeter. This simple device is used to measure blood oxygen saturation levels, which are a very important indicator of a patient's overall condition.

For many years pulse ox measuring devices were very expensive table top units that were connected to the fingertip sensor by a wire. Today they are an all in one unit that clips onto the patient's fingertip and provides a reading on a bright LED display right on the unit in seconds. These new pulse oximeters are far more practical and affordable for ambulance use.

If you need to invest in pulse ox measuring equipment for your ambulances, you will find a full selection to choose from at the Medical Device Depot.

Medical Device Depot – Sphygmomanometer

Saving Money on Your Next Sphygmomanometer

With the cost of absolutely everything ballooning out of control, buying something as simple as a replacement sphygmomanometer for your clinic can be a very expensive proposition. The medical equipment market has always been one of relatively high prices as traveling salesmen have traditionally made up the bulk of sales to the medical community and they work on a commission basis.

When you are ready to buy your next sphygmomanometer, you need to be able to buy what you need and want and yet manage to do so while not going outside of your budgeted purchase price. To do this you will need to eschew the salespeople that continually show up on your doorstep. While they might promise you the best possible prices on all of your medical equipment purchases and give you a free pen, you have to remember they are in it to make money too.

At the Medical Device Depot we can offer you the lowest price possible on your next sphygmomanometer because as an online retailer, we have a much lower overhead and we guarantee our low prices with a money back promise.