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Medical Device Depot – 12 Lead EKG

Saving More Lives with a 12 Lead EKG

It is the job of every EMT to save lives and do everything possible to resuscitate their patients on their way to the emergency rooms. To do this the ambulances need to have the best equipment it is possible to buy. Among the latest equipment that many ambulance services are starting to include in their inventory is the 12 lead EKG.

Given the growing number of heart attack and stroke patients being transported by today's ambulance services, the addition of a 12 lead EKG can make a big difference in the survival rates of those being transported. By connecting their patients to an EKG the EMT can contact the doctors at the receiving hospital and let them know exactly what is going on and what they can expect when the patient arrives. This simple to use device can save countless lives by simply adding one to each of your ambulances and ensuring that your staff know how to use them.

The Medical Device Depot carries a several top line 12 lead EKG units for you to choose from at the lowest possible prices.

Medical Device Depot – Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors for when Your Patient is On the Move

For many years the only way a doctor or medical professional was willing to take a blood pressure reading was when their patient was at rest. While this did provide an accurate blood pressure reading, it has been found that this is not the best way to get an accurate understanding of a patient's true blood pressure. Many doctors are now turning to ambulatory blood pressure monitors to get a better overall picture.

In many cases doctors are sending their patients home with ambulatory blood pressure monitors and teaching them how to use them. This will allow the patient to monitor their own blood pressure over the course of a day so that the doctor can get a complete picture of their pressure readings and use the information to make a more accurate diagnosis or to adjust their medications.

If you need to add ambulatory blood pressure monitors to your diagnostic equipment, the Medical Device Depot has a large selection available at exceptionally low prices.

Medical Device Depot – Bariatric Table

Add to Your Patient Care Ability with a Bariatric Table

There are a growing number of clinically obese people in the United States and this presents a major problem for many doctors' offices as their standard examination tables are just made to handle this amount of weight. If you are going to be treating patients that fall into this category, you are going to need to have a bariatric table in at least one of your examination rooms.

The average bariatric table is designed to handle up to 1000 pounds so that you can examine even the heaviest of your patients. These tables are typically built with stainless steel frames and heavy duty high density foam for the patient to lie on. The majority of these tables are extra wide to ensure the comfort of your patients and is available in a wide variety of colors.

If you are thinking about adding a bariatric table to your examination room, you will find a large selection available at the Medical Device Depot.

Medical Device Depot – Burdick EKG

Update Your Office with a Burdick EKG

The day of the oversized, hard to use EKG is long over, today's units are smaller, easy to use and can provide you with all of the information you need to see in a single location.  If you are looking for an easy to use machine that is going to show you what you need the model 8500 Burdick EKG may be just what you are looking for.

The 8500 Burdick EKG offers a user interface that is friendly and easy to use; a multi-angle 7 inch color wide screen will display the waveform so that it is easy to read from any angle. In order to ensure that you get the most accurate readings the EKG waveform is cleaned before it is measured and analyzed using the Glasgow Royal Infirmary algorithm. This machine will provide you with years of the most accurate readings possible to accurately diagnose your patients.

For the best price on a Burdick EKG, visit us at the Medical Device Depot. We guarantee our prices to be the lowest prices on the web or we will refund the difference.

Medical Device Depot – Colposcopes

Updating Your Research Laboratory with New Colposcopes

Updating your research lab with the latest colposcopes is a very smart decision as this will allow you to obtain much clearer pictures of vaginal tissue as well as that from the vulva and the cervix. These samples can be used to detect diseases such as cervical erosion, inflammation and of course cancer and its associated tumors.

Colposcopes are available in a wide array of different designs and can be found with an amazing array of features. Among these are both binocular and trinocular video ready models that are all designed to provide you with high definition clarity images to help make diagnoses of your patients far easier than at any time in the past. They are being built to be more user friendly with easy to access controls and zoom lenses to ensure that the entire process goes smoothly and provides you with the most accurate results possible.

You will find a wide selection of the latest colposcopes available at the Medical Device Depot at the lowest possible prices.