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Medical Device Depot – Portable ECG

Keeping Your Office Simple with a Portable ECG

Not every examination has room for a plethora of equipment needed in the treatment of the variety of patients that the average doctor sees on any given day. One particular item that has long been overly large and cumbersome has been the ECG machine. While no longer the room size monstrosity of decades ago, the standing ECG is still a large piece of equipment. To make life much easier for the average physician several manufacturers now offer a portable ECG.

The portable ECG is only a little bigger than the average laptop computer and is a fully self-contained unit that often includes a thermal printer. This machine makes it possible for the average office to only need to buy one ECG machine that can easily be moved between examination rooms and stored out of the way when it is not being used.

You will find a wide selection of portable ECG machines at the Medical Device Depot.

Pulmonary Function Test

Providing a Pulmonary Function Test for Your Patients

As a general practice physician, it is your job to provide your patients with a full range of testing services to help diagnose and treat the variety of illnesses they are going to present you with. One illness that has been on the increase for many years is asthma. In order to properly diagnose this illness and treat it you are going to need the equipment necessary to perform a pulmonary function test.

In order to offer your patients a pulmonary function test, you are going to need a spirometer in your office. Not only can you use this device to make a preliminary diagnosis, you will be able to use it to monitor their condition on an ongoing basis. Once you have added a spirometer to your office you will have instant access to the information you need to adjust your treatment recommendations or send your patients for further diagnosis.

When you need the latest pulmonary function test equipment, the Medical Device Depot has the top brand names at the lowest prices on the web.

Medical Device Depot – Pulse Oximeters

Pulse Oximeters Have Gotten Smaller

Most physicians, nurses and emergency medical technicians are very familiar with the standard pulse oximeters that are mounted on carts and tend to get in the way constantly. These devices are still very much in use today, but are slowly being replaced by much smaller all in one models that are completely self-contained so that there are no wires to get in the way when you are trying to move your patient or take other vital signs.

These new pulse oximeters are designed to clamp on the end of the patient's finger in the same way as the sensor for the older style units. They offer both oxygen saturation levels and pulse readings on a large easy to read LED or LCD display. Powered by batteries they feature auto shut off to save batteries and are small enough to keep in your lab coat pocket when you are not using them.

The Medical Device Depot carries a full selection of these new compact pulse oximeters in stock at the lowest possible prices ready to ship.

Medical Device Depot - Welch Allyn ECG

Buying a Welch Allyn ECG for the Right Price

When the time comes to replace your older ECG machines with a new and more effective model, you should consider buy a Welch Allyn ECG unit as these are amongst the best and most popular in the industry. The only problem with them being this good is trying to find a way to buy them at an affordable price so that you don’t go over budget and have no money for the other equipment you are going to need.

The best way to shop for your Welch Allyn ECG is to do what the rest of the world is already doing and that is to shop online. At the Medical Device Depot we continuously work with many of the top manufacturers to be able to bring you the widest selection of medical equipment on the market at the lowest possible prices.

When you need a new Welch Allyn ECG, the price you find at the Medical Device Depot is guaranteed in writing to be the lowest on the web or we will refund the difference.