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Why Should You Buy a Micro Spirometer?

A micro spirometer is the spirometer of choice when you have a medical situation where you need a low cost, portable device that is also highly accurate in its measurements. A micro spirometer is very small and is highly portable. It is very easy to use this device in many mobile settings. Some examples would be in the doctors office at the bedside of a patient and in an outpatient clinic setting.

Many doctors find it to be very convenient to have a micro spirometer in their office. This way, they can do simple testing in the exam room. There is no need to get a referral to a specialist, or to send the patient to the hospital on another office. This saves both time and money for all parties.

Another plus of one of these handy tools is that it is very easy to use. You get your patients results immediately on a screen that is highly visible and easy to read. You also do not have to wait long at all for one of these devices to power up. Once you turn it on, you just wait 5 seconds and it is ready to go.

A micro spirometer typically will measure REV1, FVC, and other more enhanced models will check FEV1, FVC, PEF, FEV1/FVC and also MMEF and FEV6.

Most of these products feature measurements that are very easy to obtain and you can read them very easily on the large LCD. You do not have to be concerned with not being able to read the results on this small piece of equipment. It is still very usable and readable despite its small size. A switch in the middle of the device with a viewing window makes it easy to use the device with either hand. Also, the transducers are usually easy to remove and ensure the highest degree of hygiene at all times.

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