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An Easy One Spirometer Overview No Calibration Required

The quality and reliability of an Easy One Spirometer is well known throughout the health services industry. What many people do not realize, however, is that this spirometer does not need to be calibrated.

How is it that the Easy One Spirometer is calibration free? First, the device measures flow by checking the time of flight of ultrasonic pulses. This measurement of time is done in digital fashion through the use of a quartz clock that his highly precise. Also, the transducers in use in the Easy One device are fastened outside of the flow tub. If the flow tube is changed, the characteristics of the transducers are not changed at all. Also the ultrasonic measure of flow is completely separate from temperature, pressure, humidity and gas composition. The Easy One does not need to be calibrated because of these features.

However, please keep in mind that the American Thoracic Society, as well as NIOSH/OSHA, tells us that the spirometer accuracy should be checked regularly. It is very easy to do this by using a special ndd calibration syringe. Another question that often comes up is do you need to use a filter? Most spirometers have a flow sensor that is in contact with the breath that is exhaled. A filter normally will cut down on sensor contamination. However, the Easy One spirometer does this differently. It measures flow in a tube that is completely open. It uses ultrasonic transit times. There is no way that cross contamination can occur. The flow tube only has to be replaced between patients.

Another plus of the Easy One spirometer is that its spirette mouthpiece has an ergonomical design that makes it very easy to make it work with the lips or teeth of a child. In fact, the flow tube is usable for children and adults even down to as little as 5 years of age.

The memory size on the Easy One is very impressive. You can store in excess of 700 test sessions, and these measurements can easily be viewed at any time by selecting them. Also, you can print each test individually or in a number of ranges that you require. The PC software that is included means you can download the measurements to your database on your PC.

Please consider the Easy One Spirometer for your medical practice, and have a look at the highly competitive pricing on these devices at Medical Device Depot.