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Why You Should Consider a Renaissance Spirometer from Puritan Bennett

A high quality spirometer is an essential part of every medical and hospital setting today so that you can properly assess the respiratory condition of your patients. The Renaissance spirometer should be high on your list because it is very carefully designed to help give you and your staff the clearest picture possible of the pulmonary function of your patient. It has the very best and latest spirometry tools to give you test results that are consistent and reliable. If you are confident in the results of a spirometry test, you can be very confident in the diagnosis of the patients condition.

Some of the best features of the Renaissance spirometer include a graphic display that is large and works in real time. This is critical for you because it allows you to see the test as it is performed by the patient. You are then assured that you are getting the proper patient effort so you get an accurate test. There are audio and visual effort cues in the spirometer so that your patients get the coaching they need to ensure an accurate test.

You also will be pleased to see that a Renaissance spirometer has a quality assurance program that is built in so that you are fully assured that the patients effort is of high quality.

We also like the fact that the Renaissance spirometer is portable and hand held. This means that you can conduct your spirometry tests wherever you need them. Also, the Renaissance spirometer will measure many physiological parameters that you need to properly assess your patients. It also fully meets or exceeds accuracy and precision standards from the American Thoracic Society.

We also want to tell you a bit more about the screen on the Renaissance spirometer. We like how large and easy this display is, and the large amount of information it tells you about the patient test. You are able to view the graph just as your patient is doing the test. It will display various coaching tips as the test is being done. We also really like the quality control grade that is provided so you know how much effort the patient is giving.

Also, on the screen of the Renaissance spirometer, the built in quality assurance software will show you messages of test acceptability. This is so important because you are then able to make sure that just quality tests are evaluating the pulmonary function of the patient.