Bladder Scanner for Safe Detection of Urine Retention

Bladder Scanner for Safe Detection of Urine Retention

A bladder scan is a safe, painless and reliable procedure that allows you to accurately assess the volume of urine retained in the bladder. Using a scanner instead of a urinary catheter eliminates the discomfort or pain that sometimes accompanies catheterization (as well as patient embarrassment). And it avoids the introduction of outside pathogens to the patient's bladder and catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI). Bladder scanners are the safest option for healthcare providers to use for patients experiencing urine retention.

Bladder scanners
are non-invasive, portable ultrasound devices that can provide 3D images of the bladder for diagnostic purposes. Urologists use bladder scans to help treat urinary tract infections and their effects, including pain, urosepsis and damage to renal structures. Patients in acute care, long-term care, and rehabilitation environments can all benefit from bladder scanners.

All patients who are to undergo general anaesthetic should have a bladder ultrasound to ensure that they have no voiding difficulties. Any problems could then be identified, investigated and dealt with before surgery. 1

Medical Device Depot carries a wide selection of bladder scanners, including the ViewBladder 10 Tablet Bladder Scanner. This system measures postvoid residual volume (PVR) using the included 10 tablet, software, USB cable and ultrasound imaging probe. Proper use of ViewBladder 10 enables clinics to rehab more than 80% of urinary incontinent patients in 45 days or less.

Another excellent option is the Caresono HD3. This top of the line model uses cutting edge gearless technology that eliminates the need for yearly recalibration, a game changer for the industry. It produces real-time, high resolution 3D ultrasound images that measure urinary bladder volume. Convenient built-in touch screen (no separate tablet required) and thermal printer included.

For the ultimate in portability, theres the Caresono HD2. It features high accuracy and like the HD3, no calibration is required. LCD touch screen increases clinical efficiency. Distinct patient styles for men, women and children.

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