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Bladder Scanners

Bladder scanners are non-invasive, portable ultrasound device that can provide 3D images of the bladder for diagnostic purposes. Doctors, especially urologists, use bladder scans to help treat urinary tract infections and their effects including pain, urosepsis and damage to renal structures. Patients in acute care, long-term care, and rehabilitation environments can all benefit from bladder scanners.

Medical Device Depot carries Bladder Scanners from all the top manufacturers, including Interson, MDPro, and Infinium.

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Bladder Scanners at Medical Device Depot

Ultrasound bladder scanners are a valuable tool for doctors and urologists. A bladder scan machine allows doctors to view a 3D image of the patient's bladder without resorting to more invasive procedures. With this information, they can diagnose the patient's condition and start giving him or her the appropriate treatment. Bladder scanners are frequently used to diagnose urinary tract infections, vesicoureteral reflux, sepsis and other bladder issues.

Our wide selection of portable bladder scanners includes products from top brands like MDPro, Infinium, ViewBladder, Edan and Interson. Handheld bladder scanners allow physicians to check a patient's bladder without inserting a catheter and increasing the risk of infection. Each scanner comes with a digital view screen that offers a complete model of the patient's bladder and other important information.

The features can vary across different brands, but some models offer touch screens, multiple scan modes, rechargeable batteries and different settings for men, women and children. These scanners are built to serve thousands of patients without breaking down, wearing out or offering inaccurate information.