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Improving patient safety and workflow efficiency.

Seca understands the clinical demands and financial challenges that you face to deliver quality care for patients with multiple chronic health conditions. With innovative and practical functions that reduce transcription errors, improve safety and streamline workflow to allow more time on what matters most the patient. Take advantage of these multi functional scales.

Seca 644 Multifunctional Handrail Scale Large Platform

Equipped with an extremely low-level, easy-access platform, a stable handrail, and high weight-bearing capacity, this multifunctional scale ensures safe and comfortable weighing of heavy patients. The integrated handrail provides the patient with support throughout the weighing process. Thanks to the generous platform, a chair can be placed on the scales for patients who prefer to sit. The pre-TARE function automatically deducts a stored weight (such as a chair) to determine net weight. Moreover, the seca 644 is made mobile by two rubber wheels and a power supply provided by battery or mains adapter. When the scale is connected to a printer, the time of weighing and the patients weight are automatically recorded and printed by the time module.

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Seca 684 Electronic Multifunctional Scale w/ Handrail & Foldup Seat

The new multifunction scale seca 684 is secas jack-of-all-trades. Due to its many functions, this scale is ideal for use in hospitals, general medicine,nephrology and youth medicine as well as in nursing homes. The 684 scale makes your work easier, every day.

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Seca 676 Electronic Wheelchair Scale w/ Handrail & Transport Castors

Thanks to its especially large, non-slip platform and robust rail, the seca 676 is very versatile. On one hand, patients can be weighed sitting in a wheelchair or on a chair. On the other hand, people who are fragile or can only walk with great difficulty are able to support themselves.

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Seca 664 Electronic Wheelchair Scale

With its high capacity of 800 lbs, this scale makes it easy to weigh even heavy patients. Easy access is assured by its extremely low platform and the self-lowering ramps. The secure side rails give additional safety. An integrated pre-TARE function determines in seconds the net weight of the patient by utilizing internal weight memory. The swiveling LCD with large letters is easy to read both for the patient and for the caregiver. The seca 664 can be folded up in no time and can be transported anywhere, thanks to its roller castors.

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Seca Electronic Chair Scale 954

Consideration and comfort these are particularly prominent aspects of this extremely stable model with its circular steel tube frame. This mobile chair scale, with AC adapter or rechargeable battery power supply, is an invaluable aid everywhere: in the rehabilitation center, orthopedic department, dialysis center, at nursing homes and in pediatrics and adolescent medicine

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Seca 402 Mobile cart for seca baby scales with optional paper roll holder Seca 402 Mobile cart for seca baby scales with optional paper roll holder
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