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Medical professionals that are looking for the best technology in electrocardiographs (ECGs) know that Welch Allyn is a trusted, reliable name brand that can be invested in with complete confidence. ECG monitoring is used in operating theatres, and also to monitor critical patients, and thus a vital diagnostic tool for medical professionals. The Welch Allyn ECG monitors are the latest in technology, and are models preferred by anesthetists in many clinics and hospitals. These are used to detect arrhythmia during surgery while under anesthetic by monitoring the heart's electrical activity. Medical Device Depot is pleased to offer you the full selection of the Welch Allyn ECG (electrocardiograph) monitors, with a variety accessories to match, including electrodes, cuffs, and printer paper replacement rolls.

Welch Allyn ECG monitors record the electrical activity of the heart during operations, and while recovering, with the readout provided in waveforms on a screen. If the vital signs of the heart fall below certain normal parameters, then an alarm will sound, notifying the medical professional so that care can be provided to correct the conditions causing the problem. Electrodes are attached to the patient in strategic locations on the body, which will make it easy to detect when abnormalities happen. Most machines come with three colors coded leads, which are placed on the sternum, the arms, and legs, according to the surgeons' instructions. The Welch Allyn ECG model offers you up to 12 lead options for placement of leads as you desire, with lead quality graphics that will tell you on the monitor if connections are inadequate.

Medical Device Depot offers you easy ordering options for the state-of-the-art Welch Allyn ECG, at exceptional value for money. Because we are an authorized, registered dealer of this brand name equipment, and many others to choose from, we are able to pass massive savings on to you. You can click on the link to the Welch Allyn ECG machine to read more about the different features it has to help you make your choice. You will agree that this machine is the best of its nature money can buy, and an investment that no operating theater should be without. Many anesthetists will tell you that Welch Allyn ECG equipment is their preferred choice, with the new ECG machines in this range, the reliable brand always chosen by these medical professionals.

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