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Medical Ventilators

We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. When a patient cannot do this sufficiently for themselves, a ventilator might be needed to pump oxygen into the lungs and remove carbon dioxide. Next to bleeding, nothing is more dangerous to our bodies than the inability to get oxygen to our cells and remove carbon dioxide from them. Ventilators work with your patients’ lungs, keeping air moving so this exchange can take place. While breathing difficulties caused by COVID-19 have brought ventilators to the public’s attention, these devices are also critical to patient health after trauma and while under anesthesia.Medical Device Depot carries the best ventilators from top industry manufacturers, including Allied Healthcare and Smith Medical. Choose from stationary, wall-mount, portable, adult, and pediatric ventilators, as well as transport ventilators for EMS.

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Ventilator Accessories

At Medical Device Depot, we carry top-quality ventilators from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Get an AHP300 transport ventilator for easy carrying access or one from Autovent, the first ventilators designed expressly for EMS professionals.. We have portable, stationary, and wall-mount models for hospital room and operating theater use in both adult and pediatric sizes. We also carry all the ventilator accessories needed to keep a patient’s airways open. From disposable circuit kits to hoses and regulators, find all the respiratory medical tools you need here.