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Without breath, a human life ends quickly. Measuring lung function is part of the key assessments in such conditions as asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis, and COPD. In most cases, the best method of measurement is through Spirometry. The Spirometry test displays lung function in the form of spirograms or graphs. In utilizing these devices it is possible to treat a variety of conditions effectively. There are several different types of devices, many of which are lightweight and developed for ease of use.

Reading the Spirometry Testing Device

The spirometer will show the volume-time curve in liters along the Y-axis of the graph, and the time-in-seconds along the X-axis. The graph will also depict a flow volume loop, which shows the rate of airflow on the Y-axis, and the total inspired or expired volume on the X-axis. As with many such tests, a successful reading will depend on the patient's ability and cooperation. During the test soft nose-clips are often used, to prevent any air from escaping through the nose instead of through the mouthpiece. Many patients who experience breathing problems will need encouragement to produce the best reading possible. He or she will need to inhale repeatedly as deeply as possible, and exhale into the sensor with all the force available, for as long as this individual possibly can.

Small and Portable Spirometry

The IQmark Digital Spirometer weighs just 10 oz, but still meets the requirements of the American Thoracic Society. Along with its lightweight size, it offers an ease of use, while maintaining accuracy. While small, it is also capable of supplying a doctor all the measurements necessary that might be required of this type of diagnostic Spirometry device. This includes the FEV6, FVC, VC, and MW tests. It can also print out full size 8 ½ x 11 full-page reports.

Defining Spirometry

The MIR Spirobank II Diagnostic Spirometer offers doctors and patients simple multifunction. It is a multipurpose diagnostic spirometer, which uses WinspiroPRO PC software. There is also a combination version, with both spirometer and oximeter. A good fit for hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical environments that see many lung aliments throughout a week and need Spirometry tests often, this device has 6000 test memories. In options containing the oximeter, 1000 hours of recording is possible. Bluetooth connection to a printer or mobile phone gives an easy setup for fast reports. The Spirometry Purchase

The correct purchase depends on the specific needs of care for a hospital, clinic, or doctor's office, as well as budgeting concerns regarding Spirometry. In considering the right product, Medical Device Depot is able to offer trained representatives who are truly knowledgeable about the products and are able to help during the decision process. While making a decision, it is best to be aware of the most common patient needs and the type of equipment the device will need to interact with, including software and hardware capabilities. In having available portable tests that can be printed easily and quickly, better care for patients who need quick results is possible.