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In the area of diagnostic needs, there are often illnesses that mandate specific use for certain conditions. For some medical environments this can be a need caused by the number of times a device will be used throughout a week or a day, or because there are specific patient needs that must be met. The spirometer is often needed in some practices that see higher rates of asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, or COPD. An easily-read and easy to carry spirometer is required by those who need to assess a patient's condition while on the move. While the same equipment can be used in both instances, there are devices that have unique designs that make such various tasks easier.

The Busy Office

A machine available through Medical Device Depot is specifically designed for use by doctors in general practice. The MicroGP spirometer is useful for those offices that see high instances of lung conditions that require measurements and tests on a routine basis. In many neighborhoods and cities, there are high numbers of patients with diseases such as asthma that require screening with a high degree of accuracy. The MicroGP spirometer is an inexpensive diagnostic device that measures and displays FEV1/FVC/PEF with percent, as well as allowing direct printouts. There are also small airways flow indicators of F50/F25/MEF, along with Flow/Volume and Volume/Time curves.

Mobile Uses of spirometer

The Schiller Spirovit SP-2 spirometer is designed with all the functions found in conventional larger spirometer devices, but is small enough to carry easily. In mobile situations, such as emergency use or in a clinic where many patients must be evaluated quickly in a given period of time, this device with a new disposable mouthpiece for each test can be used often in a short amount of time.

Asthma and COPD Pre-Screening

In both busy emergency and small practice environments, having a method to screen and test for common life threatening conditions is a frequent necessity. The Astra 100 spirometer offers the ability to test in an office or clinic without having to send a patient to a hospital or specialist unless necessary. This saves time and money for both the patient and those helping to make care decisions with the use of a spirometer. While this unit is small, it has a storage capacity of 150 studies, a five key pad and allows communication to a printer through a USB. The device weighs only 9 ounces and is 5.75" x 3.25" x 4.0" -- making it easy to carry, even in the pocket of a uniform.


For those medical practices and clinics that see serious or long term care needs, there is another alternative in diagnostics, in the Welch Allyn CP 200 Electrocardiograph with Spirometry. This is from a new family of multichannel electrocardiographs that can meet a variety of needs, while taking up less space than having more than one machine. Working as a spirometer, it can test for airflow and post-bronchodilator spirometry. As both an electrocardiograph and spirometer, it can generate full sized standard and customized reports.