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The last thing someone who is experiencing a breathing problem needs is to be forced to try repeated tests. In discussing the use of a spirometer, easy one-time tests are the best recommendation. The patient is more likely to use a spirometer easy one-time test, over one he or she will have to try repeatedly in order to get the best reading. In this type of diagnostic tool, the best that can be offered are those that a patient can easily hold and which has recordable results.

In some cities, doctors are seeing a drastic rise in the rates of Asthma and COPD. These are often patients whom a doctor will need to monitor closely, but as the number of patients climbs, home-testing is an alternative that can save time and money for both physician and patient. The trouble can be in finding a monitoring method, or a spirometer easy one-time system that a patient can use a number of times a day without actually causing an increase in symptoms. Such spirometer easy one-test systems can be found through Medical Device Depot.

The MicroDirect Microlife Digital Peak Flow Meter is a spirometer easy one-time quick check device that allows a patient to check lung function, and includes a digital diary, while measuring air flow velocity and volume. This is an effective spirometer. Easy one-test is best for patients who need to watch for the early warning signs of impending asthmatic incidents. As this allows the patient to take a spirometer easy one-time test periodically through a day, he or she can better learn to manage the condition while still having recordable information to pass back to the treating physician.

This partnership between a doctor and the patient using the spirometer easy one-test-at-a-time method allows a doctor to see a patient less frequently, but still have the relevant data needed to continue and advance treatment. Since the test using the spirometer easy one use at a time device is simple enough and requires less effort on the part of the patient, it will be used more often. In the case of devices that are complex, or that do not always register a reading, the first time the patient or family tries it, they can become frustrated, reluctant, or even fearful about its future use.

In discussing the use of the MicroDirect Microlife Digital Peak Flow Meter, doctors are less likely to see this reluctance, as the spirometer easy one use at a time design allows both adults and children to see results on a large display. The same spirometer easy one time test also has three reusable mouthpieces and a deluxe storage case. Small enough for a patient to take to school or work, it can still store 240 measurements with date and time for a doctor to assess. The patient needs only utilize the device for a few minutes, and then can return the device safely back into the case. For both the patient and doctor this can result in better monitoring and control of a difficult condition.