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At, physicians and other medical professionals can find the medical equipment that they need for their practice no matter how small or how large. Whether you are in need of a small blood pressure monitor or a Schiller ECG machine, they have everything in between, as well. Not only do you have the advantage of finding the equipment you need at your convenience online at anytime, you will also be able to get the lowest price available. In fact, if you find what you are looking for somewhere else at a cheaper price, Medical Device Depot will give it to you for even less!

Purchasing something as important as a Schiller ECG machine is not something you want to do from a company that has no training in how their products work. At Medical Device Depot, you will always have your call answered by a live person that is a trained representative that is able to answer your questions. If you need guidance in choosing the right equipment for your practice, you can count on them to do just that. Their company was founded with the idea of providing physicians and other healthcare professionals with an easier way to get the medical equipment they need and always at the best price.

The Schiller ECG machine at Medical Device Depot is the AT-102 and is designed to provide high performance without your having to spend a fortune. It is intuitive and easy to use with direction function keys. It offers 12-channel resting ECG, measurements, interpretation, and thrombolysis. The ECG machine offers serial data transfer to PC for storage of both resting ECG and spirometry recordings. It features XML data transfer for resting ECG to PC or Information Systems via Ethernet or modern interfaces. A4-formated printouts on internal or external printer and optional basic exercise test capability as well as the possibility for external monitor connection is optional.

The operating elements of the Schiller ECG include an integrated 3-channel monitor and alphanumeric keyboard. It provides direct keys for the most important functions and has easy print, integrated high-resolution A4 thermal paper, subsequent printout on thermoreactive paper possible. There is an interface for external printer for A4 printouts on regular paper, internal memory for up to forty records, and interface for data-transmission. The Schiller ECG uses an RS-232 port for peripheral devices such as treadmills, bicycles, etc. Several standard protocols are available for bicycle and treadmill ergometers and allows the user to select a standard protocol from a table or to opt for a newly defined protocol.

Visit to see the Schiller ECG and the wide variety of medical equipment they have available at a savings to you. Learn more about the Schiller ECG features given here and others including the optional XML Data Transmission. Learn the technical specifications and see why this is an important piece of equipment for a lot of professional facilities. Medical Device Depot works to provide you with all of the quality medical equipment you need at the price you want to pay.