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There are times when your physician may require you to have pulmonary function tests performed. These tests can be to determine many different types of problems or conditions. One of the main conditions this test is for is to determine the severity of asthma and other breathing problems. They are usually easy to perform and can be accomplished in just a few hours. One of the main things a physician will need for this test is a Spirometer. You will find here at Medical Device Depot we have only the highest quality Spirometer available along with filters that are needed to ensure the patient and nurses do not cause one another to get sick.

pulmonary function tests can be performed in two different ways. The most accurate way is to sit in a sealed clear box. The box looks quite similar to a telephone booth and has a mouthpiece that you will be breathing in and out of during the test. There will be several different changes in the pressure inside the box. The different pressure inside will help the physician to determine the patient's lung volume. It is usually a painless test to have but you will have to follow several instructions before you have the test.

The other way pulmonary function tests are preformed is to measure the patient's lungs with the help of nitrogen or helium gas. The patient will breath the gases threw a tube for a period of time. The gas is than concentrated in chamber attached to the tube and that is used to estimate the patient's lung volume. Again, for this test you will have several rules you need to follow to help the physician get a more accurate reading on the patient's lung volume.

Important things to not do before having pulmonary function tests

One of the most important things you should never do four to six hours before you have pulmonary function tests is smoking. When you smoke it causes irritation to your lungs and that will cause your test results to be less accurate. You may feel lightheaded or have some shortness of breath after your test but that is actually completely normal. This is because you will have times when you need to force your breath in and out of the mouthpiece. The test is actually painless as will being over quickly it is also usually only used to determine major breathing problems a patient may have.

When you are looking for the right type of filters and other accessories or equipment needed to perform pulmonary function tests you will find all of these here at Medical Device Depot. We have been providing medical professionals with all of the medical equipment they need from a company that understands the busy schedule of a medical professional. Our representatives are all trained in medical terms to assist our medical professional clients further and with more accurately. When you are looking for medical equipment for your medical practice, we are always here to assist you in any way possible.

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