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The podiatrist's office has to have a variety of equipment in order to take good care of his patients. Perhaps the most important piece of equipment the podiatrist is going to have to have in his office is a top quality podiatry chair. Because the podiatrist's job is to work on his patient's feet the chair must be capable of getting their feet up to a comfortable working height so that the patient is comfortable and the podiatrist has their feet in a good position to work on them. Much of the equipment the podiatrist uses today has become highly technical in nature and now represents a significant investment. Older styles of podiatry chair were manual and could be difficult to use for both the podiatrist and the patient, however many of the modern chairs are electrically powered so that all the podiatrist has to do is push a few buttons and the patient will be quickly in the proper position for any number of treatments.

Among the most important features that any podiatry chair must have is power height adjustments to raise and lower the patient so that the podiatrist can easily work with any size and age of patient and it will be easy for them to get in and out of the chair before and after treatment. Electric tilt is also a good feature as this will allow you to recline your patient back so that they will be more comfortable for certain procedures including being able to be laid completely flat turning it into a table for those procedures that require the patient to be in a prone position. Along with this you should look for a podiatry chair that has features like pull out feet sections for when you have tall patients with longer legs, stainless steel pans for tools that can be tilted and adjusted to place them in the most ideal position for you to perform the work you need to do with a minimum of hassle. These trays should be easy to remove for cleaning and sterilization purposes.

Your new chair should have an adjustable headrest and fold back seat arms to ensure maximum patient comfort. Function is not the only thing you should take into consideration when you are getting ready to order your new podiatry chair. Aesthetics are just as important, you should order your chair from a company that offers you a choice of materials and colors, for the most part you are probably going to want to order your chair covered in vinyl and with removable plastic covers on the foot rest areas for ease of cleaning. If you are looking for a new podiatry chair, you should visit the online showroom of the Medical Device Depot. Here you will find selection of podiatry chairs from the top manufacturers at prices far below manufacturers recommended retail prices. The Medical Device Depot is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality medical equipment available at the lowest possible prices every day of the year.