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Phototherapy Equipment for Hospitals

Phototherapy is a form of treatment that uses a special kind of ultraviolet light to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Phototherapy can reduce the appearance of these conditions and help manage symptoms. It is also used to help treat newborns with jaundice who have difficulty breaking down and removing bilirubin from their systems. While phototherapy can be used in a variety of medical treatments, the underlying principle is the same: To expose the patients skin to as much of the correct intensity light as possible.

Here at Medical Device Depot, we carry a selection of phototherapy systems and equipment for use in hospitals and medical clinics. Find phototherapy systems such as the GE BiliSoft 2.0, designed to treat infants with jaundice. We also have a selection of Bistos BT-400 phototherapy lamps and mobile carts. Stock up on disposable pads for use with the BiliSoft system and ensure each patient gets the best treatment possible. For help in choosing the right model, call us at 877-646-3300.
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