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You may have been connected to an ECG machine the last time you were the hospital or at the very least have seen one on the television is any one of a dozen different medical television shows. This is the machine that is used to monitor a patient's heartbeat and help the doctor determine how well their heart is actually working. The most modern version is the PC based ECG and is designed to make the job of getting a reading far easier for the medical staff to obtain. The PC based ECG is not much different to any other ECG machine in that there is a digital ECG unit that is connect to patient via a large cable that splits out into individual leads that are attached to the patient via a series of electrodes that are held onto the patient using self adhesive pads. These electrodes are used to gather the electrical impulses of the patient's heart and then transmit them directly to a PC so that they can be seen on the screen.

Thanks to the PC based ECG it is possible for more than one member of the medical staff to view the same ECG reading as it can be transmitted to more than one computer via the hospitals network. One of the benefits of the PC based system is that it is capable of storing several different sets of readings at the same time and many of them can display up to four sets of readings at the same time. This makes it much easier for the doctor to compare results on the fly and make diagnostic decisions as they are necessary. By using a PC based ECG it is easy for the technician or medical person to connect directly to a printer so that the results can be printed and read in the more conventional manner to ensure that the patients gets the benefit of a full diagnosis.

Many clinics are now using a wireless model that is fully portable so that it can be used in any room in the facility while being able to transmit the results to a centrally located PC for the resident cardiologist to read. Whether you choose to use a PC based ECG or one of the many standard units available you can use them to provide your patients with a testing method that is painless, safe, inexpensive to perform and noninvasive. This testing method is at the frontline of helping to prevent many forms of heart disease or at the very least identify them early enough to be able to do something about it before the disease becomes serious. At the Medical Device Depot you will find a wide variety of PC based ECG machines as well as standard units and many other pieces of very important medical testing equipment. Their mission is to be able to supply this equipment to you at prices that are designed to keep you well within your budget. To ensure you get the equipment you actually want the phone will always be answered by a real person instead of a computerized answering machine.