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With so many different medical diagnostic procedures requiring some form of invasive procedure, from a simple blood test to exploratory surgery, you might be surprised at how much the use of Oximetry allows a doctor to diagnose. Many medical professionals used to think that this simple test was only good for checking a person's blood oxygen saturation level, but today the oximeter can be used to help diagnose a range of problems, including heart disease, circulatory problems, and lung conditions, such as COPD and emphysema.

Oximetry is a completely non-invasive form of testing that involves the use of an oximeter. This can be a clip-on sensor that is attached to a free standing monitor, or an all in one device that is both sensor and monitor in a single unit. The average unit measures the patient's blood oxygen saturation level or SpO2 and their pulse rate; some models will also measure temperature. Knowing how much oxygen is concentrated in a patient's blood is a very important indicator of their overall health and is often one of the first measurements taken by a doctor or EMT in a medical emergency.

How Do Oximetry Devices Work?

The Oximetry device ,or as it is better known, the oximeter, is attached to the finger, or, when necessary, the toe of the patient. In some ways the sensor looks a little like an oversized clothes pin. Inside the clamp, the pulse oximeters generate pulses of light that are of two separate wavelengths. Each of these pulses is absorbed by the patient's blood and the rate of absorption is measured. The oximeter will then use this information to calculate the patient's ratio of blood to oxygen and display the information on the monitor or the unit itself.

Oximetry has become one of the most common tests performed by medical professionals. Everyone from EMTs in the field, to nurses and doctors in hospitals and private practice perform these tests. More importantly, the cost of self-contained oximeters has come down to the point where many patients who suffer from diseases such as COPD and emphysema buy them for personal use. This way they can keep a close eye on their own blood oxygen saturation levels and use the information to adjust the flow rates on their supplemental oxygen supply tanks or oxygen concentrators.

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