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Order a versatile and cost effective noin pulse oximeter 9500 at Medical Device Depot. Medical Device Depot is an exclusive online store catering to physicians and health care professionals all over USA. This online store specialises in offering the latest and best equipped medical equipment with the lowest and most cost-effective price policy. Customers can purchase from a wide range of medical equipments provided such as holters, medical thermometers, dopplers, nonin pulse oximeter 9500 and many more. With the sincere help of professional and experienced service representatives, customers at Medical Device Depot can attain accurate information and great advices on specific products.

For those willing to acquire verbal information and are having additional queries or concerns, for example about nonin pulse oximeter 9500, they are most welcome to make a call at their number of 877-646-3300. As there is a diverse range of medical thermometers offered at Medical Device Depot, customers are given various categories in order to search for their required product. These include being the most popular, the newest, the oldest, the lowest priced, the highest priced product and more. With the help of these specified categories, customers can save time and go right away to their required product, for example the nonin pulse oximeter 9500 in the most popular category and therefore place an immediate order. This original all-in-one noin pulse oximter 9500 takes an exclusive name of Nonin Onyx 9500 Digital Fingertip Pulse Oximeter and provides effective results. This innovative product is used by clinicians worldwide and is offered at an affordable rate at Medical Device Depot. Highlighting features this oximeter is the proven and accuracy of its results, a simple and automatic on and off operation, its versatility as it accommodates the widest ranges of finger sizes from paediatric to adult and most importantly its efficient functioning of eighteen hours of continuous use with 1600 spot-checks. Because of being small and light in weight, customers purchasing this one noin pulse oximeter 9500 can carry and use it anywhere such as on lanyard, in a carrying a case or simply in your pocket. The noin pulse oximeter 9500 is used to detect a fast and an accurate reading of the blood oxygen and pulse rate of the patients or other individuals.

It is ideal and cost effective, as there also no additional need of sensors. The proven performance of this noin pulse oximeter 9500 makes it to be a reliable and top priority choice for customers all around the world. Exclusive features designed to this noin pulse oximeter 9500 includes a large bright LED display allowing the SpO2 and the pulse rate to be read from any angle at all times of the day or night. Additional feature includes a brilliant pulse quality indicator allows easy-to-see LED that provides immediate and accurate assessments of the patients reading. Furthermore this noin pulse oximeter 9500 is energy efficient as it operates on two AA alkaline batteries for non-stop running of eighteen hours straight. They also proved to be the most durable and reliable oximeters to use even on tough or rugged situations faced by customers. The unique and specific feature of ONXY in this noin pulse oximeter 9500 has the US army and the US air force aero medical certification for its use in helicopters.


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