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AccuCold 15 cu ft Upright Laboratory Refrigerator w/ Removable Drawers AccuCold 15 cu ft Upright Glass Door Laboratory Refrigerator w/ Removable Drawers
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Medical Refrigerators and Freezers

When someone says medical equipment, you probably think about IV bags, medical beds, or heart monitors. Most people dont immediately think about medical-grade refrigerators and freezers; however, these useful appliances are an important part of any pharmacy. Specialty refrigerators, often referred to as vaccine refrigerators, are often used to store vaccines and other medications that require a specific temperature to remain potent. These freezers and refrigerators are often required by law, as if a vaccines temperature fluctuates by even a few degrees, the pharmacy could lose thousands of dollars in unusable medication. Even worse, they could open themselves up to some tricky legal complications if the medicine is not properly stored and kept at optimal temperatures.

Since so much depends on keeping your vaccines and medication stored properly, you want a fridge that won't break down or have unpredictable temperature swings in the hot summer months. Get vaccine fridges and medical-grade freezers from Medical Device Depot, and rest easy knowing you have a quality appliance you can depend on. Call us today at 877-646-3300.