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Diagnostic Tests



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Diagnostic Tests and Kits

A diagnostic kit is used to aid in the diagnosis or detection of disease through careful testing. Most kits involve a reagent or strip that will change color under specific conditions and chemical reactions. More advanced electronic test kits can be used to take accurate readings from a sample such as blood or urine. They display the relevant information right on the screen and can be used to get accurate information about cholesterol levels, glucose, hemoglobin, and more. These diagnostic tests are important for diagnosing and monitoring diseases, as well as providing prognoses and predicting treatment responses.

At Medical Device Depot, we carry a wide range of testing kits to meet your needs. Get everything from drug and urine test cups and kits to infectious disease kits. We carry an assortment of cholesterol analyzers and hemoglobin testers to ensure your patients are in peak medical condition. We also have rapid-response urinary test strips that can check for a range of infections, and A1C test kits and reagents for monitoring diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions. When it comes to medical testing kits and reagents, we have you covered. Call us today at 877-646-3300.