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For medical staff there are times when early detection is key. Checking the heart rate at the very beginning of the fetal stage can offer a doctor important clues to how a baby is developing. In cases in which the mother has experienced problems in the past, or if there have been trouble signs in this pregnancy, a fetal Doppler that's capable of detecting the heart rate can offer some important clues. While most fetal Doppler units can only detect rates at 12 weeks, a few can detect fetal life as early as 9 weeks. Heart rate and activity offer the doctor an understanding of how well the pregnancy is progressing.

Small and Portable

Early detection of fetal life does not have to be accomplished by a larger device. The MedaSonics First Beat fetal Doppler System fits in the palm of the hand. For the doctor, this offers a smaller device that can be brought to the mother, instead of having the patient transported to larger equipment as it becomes available. Mothers, who might already be anxious regarding the health of the fetus, are typically not as intimidate by small, portable devices, and they can remain in a familiar environment, such as the doctor's office, while the fetal Doppler is in use.

Dependable and Simple

A smaller size with a fetal Doppler such as the MedaSonics does not come at the loss of important features that make the device's use simple. Looking at this fetal Doppler shows a multiple listening configuration, and lock-on LCD display that can aid in confirming the fetal heart calculation. When attempting to answer questions regarding fetus health as quickly as possible, these features can aid with the handling of efficient care. As the mother can also hear the beating of the baby's heart, this can assist her in developing peace of mind regarding the pregnancy.

Midwives and fetal Doppler

For the most part, midwives work with those mothers who are low-risk for a troubled pregnancy. An earlier detection fetal Doppler is not typically an asset for this type of work. It is however true that many midwives will want to have a Doppler that is very small, lightweight, and very durable. The MedaSonic FP3B is known for having a rugged design that works well in labor and delivery suites. This can be a more practical method of listening to the baby's heart rate, and this fetal Doppler also has a standard stethoscope that allows the midwife alone to hear the heart rate, without disturbing or distracting the mother.

The Best Doppler Tools

The fetal Doppler is a tool necessary in most clinical and home birth settings. The right fetal Doppler for certain types of births or events during pregnancy must be light, unobtrusive, and reliable. In looking for the best Doppler device, Medical Device Depot has many options, from those suitable for early detection, to units that can offer heart rate and activity monitoring during the birth process. Doppler diagnostic tools offer solutions, from calculating the heart rate, to easing the mind of the parents regarding their baby's welfare.