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Eye and Face Wash Fountains

An eye/face wash fountain is a device used to irrigate and flush both the face and the eyes, for the use of healthcare workers who might be exposed to a chemical splash. Medical Device Depot carries the best brands of eye and face wash fountains, including Desert Assembly.

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When you get something dangerous in your eyes, you dont want to wait around to get it out. Our eye wash fountains attach to standard faucets, making it easy to set up an eye wash station wherever you may need one. Since they use your existing plumbing, these fountains have an unlimited supply of water, and dont require extra pipes or space. A push-through plunger switches between the faucet nozzle and the eye wash nozzles. Add an eliminator valve, and you can pre-set the water temperature. Once the faucet is operating, it can be used hands free, allowing the user to hold their eyes open. Opti-Klens eye wash stations meet ANSI and OSHA safety regulations, and most models offer more flow than required by these standards for faster flushing.