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The look of an exam room isn't of help to the physician, if what he or she needs isn't easy to find or get to, so much consideration should go into building the right environment for treating patients with ease and comfort. For the patient, the exam room furniture might appear fine, as long as the room is not intimidating, but for the doctor and staff, working in the room is of importance as well. exam room furniture and its structure should offer easy accessibility to needed supplies, while also offering the patient privacy.

Clutter Free

While the doctor, nurses, P.A.s, and other staff should all be able to reach equipment, supplies, and diagnostic tools with ease, the room can't appeared cluttered, or crowded. Not only is this intimidating for the patient, it can also prove a hazard for those working in the room. The rule regarding "everything in its place" should start with exam room furniture that allows for cabinets, drawers, and compartments for tools and equipment. The more accommodation that exam room furniture has in this regard, the more professional the space will appear, no matter its size. Even small offices can work well, if there are cabinets and drawers that are easy to reach but out of the way of those walking or moving in the room.


Smaller pieces can be the best selection, when looking for exam room furniture. Medical Device Depot has a large selection of choices including the Hausman Mobile Cabinet. While small, this cabinet has a 180-pound weight capacity, and wide drawers to hold equipment as necessary. Maintenance-free laminated surfaces make the cabinet easy to keep clean, and wheels make this cabinet easy to steer to whatever place in a room it is needed. At a length of 18 ½" and 30" height, the Hausman takes up almost no space, but is up to the job of a larger cabinet.

Exam Tables

exam room furniture should also be flexible. The biggest item in the room doesn't always have to be in a position that takes up the most room. Exam tables that can be tilted forward to work by functioning as a chair would are typically more comfortable for the patient, and, when not leveled to a reclining position, take up less space, making moving around the room easier for staff. Moving upward can also make certain types of exams simpler for both the staff and the individual visiting for an exam. Exam tables that also contain cabinets for gowns or equipment are also good uses of space, and offer multiple uses for exam room furniture.

Exam room Furniture for Children

Pediatric exam room furniture offers its own challenge. Medical atmospheres often intimidate children, and so it takes a special effort to have them feel at ease. Clever ideas such as the Clinton Fun Series Scale Table can offer a solution to both: the staff's need to have a place for cabinets and a table to examine a child, while making the item look interesting for toddlers or smaller children. No matter the need to help the patient feel at ease, it is still possible to have a good use of space in which necessary tools and equipment are within reach.