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Holter Event Recorders

A Holter event recorder is an ambulatory electrocardiography device that is typically worn by the patient to record and track heart rhythm. These important devices are used by doctors to understand a patient's heart rhythm through the routine of his or her day. Popular brands such as Midmark, Burdick/Mortara, Cardioline, GE Healthcare, Northeast Monitoring, Universal Health and VectraCor/QRS Diagnostics have Holter monitors and event recorders that are plug-and-play with software, some are Bluetooth enabled for easy transfer of data, and some are like a patch that like any other digital Holter recorder can record approximately 14 days of information before the battery is exhausted.

A Holter digital monitor can be designed specifically to be lightweight and small, such as the DR400 Holter and event patch recorder. Some recorders are rechargeable via USB, while others are strictly battery powered. Additionally, some Holter devices have a built-in event button to indicate when the patient feels an event, such as a skipped heartbeat. Devices that have the event button are designed to alleviate the need for recording the events with pen and paper; the event is time-stamped and can be quickly analyzed.