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Emergencies can occur at any time. A bee sting while sitting in the park can cause a reaction. A car hits a pedestrian, or someone fails to take a morning dose of necessary medication. These events can trigger a life or death situation. For physicians and emergency medical personnel, whatever is in available emergency drug kits can change the course of these events from tragedy, to the chance to reach a hospital in time. The contents of emergency drug kits have been the focus of research and debate, but many choices are clear.

The Seven Core Drugs for an Emergency

Most medical organizations agree that core drugs that should be found in emergency drug kits are oxygen, glucose, diphenhydramine, nitroglycerin, albuterol, aspirin, and epinephrine. Clearly, it is important for any emergency care worker to have a kit containing these drugs, but it is also a fact that even in those medical settings in which an emergency is unlikely, staff should also have access to at least these drugs, and to have them stored in a kit in a safe location. Since emergencies can happen at any time even to the young and healthy, these precautions are necessary.

Medical Groups

The list of medical settings in which there should be access to emergency drug kits is long for good reason. People who are arriving in various stages of wellness, or who will have any type of procedure done, might face an emergency. Dentist offices, minor emergency, plastic surgery offices, and many others should not only have such a kit prepared, but the medications should be checked for dates on a routine basis. Every staff member who comes in direct contact with patients should have a working knowledge of the contents. Knowing how to use the drugs in the emergency drug kits ensures that a patient can receive the care necessary until further assistance is possible.

Creating or Buying a Kit

There is a question regarding whether it is possible to simply create a kit, or whether it is necessary to buy one. emergency drug kits can be found affordably, at Medical Device Depot, but for some there is a desire to have their own version. When considering this alternative, it is necessary to have a physical kit that can not only fit the needed supplies inside, but can also protect these contents. It can be easier to simply purchase a kit, rather than trying to find all the components required for full emergency drug kits, and a protective case.

Placing emergency Drug Kits

The location of the emergency drug kits should be out of sight to the public, but placed in an area that is readily assessable for all staff that might need to use it in an emergency. All of the staff who might be called on to use the kit should also be aware if any contents have been removed, or moved away from the case itself. If contents of emergency drug kits are used, this particular drug should be replaced as soon as possible.