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There are several reasons why your physician may request you have an EKG preformed before you leave their office. When you have symptoms that may be a sign of heart related issues your physician will want to perform an electrocardiogram, EKG, also known as an electrocardiograph, ECG. Your physician will want these test preformed to ensure you do not have heart problems like irregular heartbeat or other possibly more serious conditions. Here at Medical Device Depot we have taken the time to provide all of our medical professional clients with only the highest quality equipment to ensure they get the best most accurate results from all of our testing equipment.

Some signs your physician will look for before requesting you have an EKG preformed are chest pain, heart pounding, racing, or fluttering, breathing problems, tiredness and weakness, and finally unusual heart sounds when your physician listens to your heartbeat. These can possibly be signs of more serious heart conditions that they will want to attend to immediately. Your test results can show many different aspects of our heart that otherwise your physician will not be able to understand. One of the things your test results can show is lack of blood flow to the heart muscle. When you are not getting enough blood, flowing to your heart is can be a sign of coronary heart disease. Usually changes in your lifestyle and medication can help prevent or treat this common heart condition.

Other things your physician can determine with an EKG are arrhythmia, when your heartbeat is too fast, too slow, or irregular. This can be harmless but some are not, for those with serious arrhythmia your physician can treat your condition with medications and sometimes even a pacemaker to ensure your heart is operating properly. Your physician can also tell if your heart is not pumping with enough force to provide your body with the right amount of blood flow. This is quite common for people in the United States and can be treated successfully with medications and some lifestyle changes. Your physician can assist you with any changes you may need to change to ensure you live a long healthy life.With an EKG your test will be painlessWhen your physician is planning for you to have an EKG preformed, you really have nothing to worry about when the test if preformed. This is a painless test where you will lie still on a table while you are connected to an EKG machine. The test will take about ten minutes and is actually painless. The only part that may be uncomfortable is when the nurse removes the electrodes from your chest, arms, and legs. This however, is less painful than removing a bandage from your arm.

The EKG machine will track your heart rhythm and other heart functions on a sheet of EKG paper. Later your physician will read the paper and determine if you have any of the possible heart problems that may be causing you your discomfort. After your physician will discuss with you what he or she found and their recommended course of action to solve your medical problem the best way possible.