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The past, when patients were taken to EKGs, is now effectively over. Electrocardiography machines that read cardiac activity and provide a print out are like so many other pieces of equipment, becoming revamped and updated with technology that makes them mobile and readable by a number of people even at a distance. For smaller hospitals, clinics, and doctor's offices, this doesn't mean an added expense, as many of these EKGs are cost effective and affordable. Being able to reach the patient with the necessary equipment, when necessary, can help make key decisions in care faster, and with less stress for the patient.

EKGs for Private Care

Machines such the CardioCare 2000 comes with EKG II Plus software, and the machine itself comes with 12-leads and offers a performance comparable with larger machines. Small, battery operated, and portable, it can easily be used in private practice, ERs, hospitals, and hospices. EKGs such as this are created for ease of use and readability. The software allows doctors to preview and control the machine from a Windows-based computer. This software is upgradable and networkable, allowing for the sharing of data, if needed. For the smaller medical setting, these types of machines can make a difference in offering immediate diagnostics.

EKGs: Battery Life

There are machines that can function for several hours at a time on battery. EKGs such as the Schiller Cardiovit AT-2 612 Channel Resting machine are serviceable in both emergency and office settings. Battery life is of importance in the case of multiple emergencies, and this Cardiovit offers 2 hours of normal use, or up to 400 recordings. When the battery is completely discharged, it can be recharged in less than 16 hours. The unit has the mobility of having pad keys, and LED indictors, making entry and readability less of an issue. Battery life doesn't come at the expense of usability, as Cardiovit also has a built-in thermal printer and computerized ECG interpretation program.

Software for EKGs

Mobility is, in part, due to the software that EKGs such as the Bionet Cardiocare 2000 and the Cardiotouch 3000 run. Using this software, data can be saved in a JPG format in a file, or printed from a Windows-based printer. The JPG format is usually compatible with most EMR packages. It is possible to view a real time image before printing. Using the software, it is possible to magnify sections of the data for a closer look. It is also possible to measure EKG complexes with easy to use tools.

Where to Look

There is no end to the number of sellers who are constantly contacting doctors, hospitals, and nursing care facilities regarding equipment such as EKGs. In the long run, however, a search by the staff can often find more affordable prices from sellers whose focus is affordability and reliability, such as Medical Device Depot. A market for lower costs and quality parts does exist, and for those medical environments where budgeting is a concern, EKGs and other equipment can be found within cost.