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EKG machines are the primary diagnostic device that physicians employ in order to diagnose a patient's heart problems (if any). EKG machines are also referred to as electrocardiograph machines, and are used to effectively diagnose and record electronic impulses, which are transmitted by a patient's heart all through and between heart beats. EKG technicians are the ones who are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the EKG machines. Doctors refer patients who have shown physical symptoms of heart disease or abnormalities to an EKG technician for testing. A patient also undergoes EKG as a normal medical routine check up, especially for older patients who are over 40 years old. Hospital establishments have the opportunity of acquiring top quality EKG machines at pretty great prices at Medical Device Depot, Inc.

EKG machines are used to conduct an EKG test on patients, while he or she is lying down on a table. But, sometimes a doctor may have a stress EKG test conducted on a patient. The stress EKGs are carried out because there are times when heart abnormalities are much easier to detect when the heat is working much harder and beating faster, than when is just resting. Stress testing involves a patient participating in an activity, that will make his or her heart work faster, such as running on a treadmill - the patient's heart activity is then recorded.

The patient will have a 3 to 12 electrodes attached to his or her chest, arms and legs. The electrodes effectively measure the patient's heart electrical functions and display the results as 12 various readings - the heart's electrical activities is measured from different angles.

EKG machines can be used while the patient has been given medications that will make his or her heart beat faster, while he or she is running on a treadmill, cycling on a stationary bike or just lying still on a table.

Advantages of Using EKG Machines There are many heart abnormalities that changes the electrical rhythm of the heart in different ways. EKG machines record the electrical activity of the heart and help to detect and reveal a large number of heart problems such as:

" Birth abnormality of the heart - some people are born with a hole (cavity) in their heart. " Abnormal heart beat - beating slower or faster than it should. " Heart attacks. " Weak heart - does no pump enough blood . " The lack of the flow of blood to the heart muscle " Disease in the patient's heart valves between the two different heart chambers. " Reveals thick heart muscle or parts of the patient's heart that are just too big. .

EKG machines also helps to detect whether a patient's heartbeat starts at the right atrium like it ought to. The machines also shows how long it will take for electrical signals to travel through a patient's heart. Medical Device Depot, Inc., is one of the few trustworthy online medical equipment and tool supplies store, dedicated to providing high quality EKG machines from reputable companies at the lowest price possible.