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An EKG machine is the primary diagnostic equipment that doctors use in order to detect the presence of heart disease or abnormalities in patients. The EKG Machine, also known as electrocardiograph machine, helps to detect and document the electronic impulses transmitted by a patient's heart during and between heartbeats, the EKG technicians are responsible for operating and maintaining the EKG machines. Patients are referred to an EKG technician for testing as soon as they are suspected of having a heart abnormality or disease. A patient does not have to have a heart problem before he or she is referred to an EKG technician, the EKG test may be part of a patient's routine medical check-up, especially when the patient is over the age of 40. Medical establishments can purchase a high quality EKG machine at Medical Device Depot, Inc at a very reasonable price.

How the Test is Conducted An EKG test is typically performed with patients lying down on an examination table - this process is absolutely painless. However, a doctor may order a stress EKG test to be carried out on a patient, this test requires the patient to walk on a treadmill, while his or heart activity is being documented. The EKG technician attaches 3 to 12 leads (also known as electrodes) to a patient's arms, chest and legs. Each of the leads measures the patient's heart electrical activity - this measurement is taken from various angle - the EKG machine displays as 12 individual readings.

The EKG machine (which is operated by an EKG technician) starts to record wave tracing on a roll of paper. After some time, the technician relocates the leads and takes notes on the replacement of the EKG tracing, and starts recording again. As soon as the test is completed, the technician marks out sections of the report in order for the doctor to access.

An EKG machine can be used while a patient is either running on a treadmill (or any other exercises) or lying quite still on an examination table. The EKG machine can be used to examine a patient's heart while he or she is undergoing stress.

In order to evaluate a patient's heart's response with the high demand for air (oxygen), the patient has to undergo a series of physical tests i.e. running on a treadmill or cycling on a stationery bike. The EKG machine helps doctors to find out if a patient's physical symptoms such as chest pain, irregular heart beat, fatigue. etc., are an indication of heart disease.

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