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In today's world of medicine an essential item to have is an ECG machine. This type of machine is used for diagnosing heart conditions. The electrocardiogram was invented at the turn of the century and was considered a major medical breakthrough for the time. When it was first invented the machine was very heavy and extremely bulky however with today's modern machine this is no longer the case. The very first ECG machines required patients to soak their hands and feet in a sodium chloride bath. At the time this was considered to be the best method of getting the desired results. As time moved forward other options were presented such as electrical wires. The newer machines now use electrodes which have made the results of the test more accurate and the patients more comfortable. Doctors have many options when it comes to performing an ECG; however the most common used methods are to have the patient lying down or to have the patient doing a simple exercise.

These exercises generally consist of using a treadmill or even a short ride on a stationary bike. By doing these simple exercises the heart rate on the patient will increase which will the doctor a better reading on the heart. When a patient comes in for an ECG they will be hooked up to a minimum of ten electrodes. These electrodes are placed on different areas of the body to get a well rounded reading. These electrodes are connected the machine base while this test is being performed. As this test is in progress the results are recorded by the machine and then displayed on a monitor for the doctor to watch. This allows the doctor to get a good understanding of what the heart is doing at the time of the test which will give them a good idea of how the patient's heart performs overall. As time has progressed and medicine has moved forward the progression of the ECG machine has as well. In today medical world it is hard to imagine a doctor's office not having an ECG machine in their office.

With as lightweight and portable as they have become over the years it is now possible for the doctors to move them from room to room in the office without much hassle. The ECG machine has become such important item to have that it is not uncommon to research for the highest quality machine that fits your budget. If you are on a tighter budget and need an ECG machine you should look to Medical Device Depot. This company has quality machines at an affordable price and will even include all the necessary pieces of equipment that you will need to be able to use the machine when it arrives. This company's experienced staff will be able to help you find the right piece of equipment to suit the needs of your office so for all your ECG machines let the staff at this company take care of you.