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COVID-19 Vaccine Refrigerators and Freezers

Vaccines for children (VFC) and vaccines in general must be handled properly to help ensure viability when used. VFC- and CDC-compliant refrigerators and vaccine freezers maintain constant temperatures without spikes in temperature or colder spots. The temperature within a vaccine freezer is especially important, as the freeze-thaw cycle that happens in non-vaccine or medical freezers could destroy the vaccine.

We offer a full line of COVID-19 vaccine storage solutions, including 4C (41F) refrigerators, -20C freezers, -86C freezers and -196C cryogenic freezers. To ensure proper laboratory space and patient care for diagnostic testing, vaccine development or research, all laboratory spaces should have a COVID-19 vaccine refrigerator and freezer.

Use of Medical and Laboratory Grade Cold Storage Equipment is essential to providing proper patient care, diagnostic testing, vaccine development and long-term research for the COVID-19 virus. Call 877 646-3300 for assistance in selecting the right model for your needs.