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Medical Device Depot Offers Immediate Shipping From the US For N95 Mask and UV Lights

Trusted Medical Equipment Supplier Provides Expedited Shipping for Essential Products During Coronavirus Pandemic

Ellicott City, MD, June 12, 2020: Medical Device Depot, a quality healthcare equipment supplier, has announced that they now offer expedited shipping for N95 masks and UV lights from within the United States. The demand for these essential healthcare products has skyrocketed during the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in limited availability and delayed overseas shipping times from most suppliers. Medical Device Depot currently has an overstock of N95 masks and UV lights which means they can fulfill orders at a very fast rate.

Healthcare experts continue to stress the importance of using N95 masks and UV lights during the COVID-19 pandemic. Medical Device Depot is able to ship these products from within the United States, which drastically reduces delays. Their current average delivery time for large orders is 1 week. For concerned consumers and medical professionals, this expedited shipping process is vital.

About Medical Device Depot: Medical Device Depot is a healthcare equipment supplier based in Ellicott City, MD. Healthcare professionals around the world rely on Medical Device Depot to supply them with quality equipment, supplies, and devices. Their products include protective gear, measuring equipment, detection systems, medical furniture, surgical instruments, and much more. With the assistance of their knowledgeable sales and service representatives, all of your medical equipment needs will be met.