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Sonoscape S6 Portable Color Doppler System Sonoscape 3D CW Color Doopler Cardiac Basic Echo Edan U50 Prime Color Ultrasound
Edan U50 Prime Color Ultrasound
List Price: $12,871.95
Our Price: $9,194.25
You save $3,677.70!
The S6 is a multi-functional hand carried Color Doppler ultrasound system which can be widely used in clinical practice. The S8 is designed by our genius engineering team to be a lightweight but powerful HCU. Although combining high capacity built-in Li-ion battery and two active transducer sockets, the S8 still keeps a slim and lightweight compact architecture, assuring it is available anytime and anywhere. The U50 is Edans newest portable system that offers color flow, pulse wave, and power doppler.
Edan DUS 60 - Digital Ultrasound Diagnostic System ACUSON X300 PE for Cardiology ACUSON Bonsai Cardiovascular Ultrasound System
Edan DUS 60 - Digital Ultrasound Diagnostic System
List Price: $4,995.00
Our Price: $2,995.00
You save $2,000.00!
A new compact ultrasound system, combining superior quality with PW imaging for advanced diagnostic requirements. The ACUSON X300 ultrasound system, premium edition (PE) is a complete cardiology care platform that gives you superior imaging performance across a range of cardiovascular applications. Call 877-646-3300 for a demonstration!

Introducing the ACUSON Bonsai. Its our newest portable system for routine cardiovascular echo exams designed to support you wherever and whenever you need it.
SonoScape E2 Color Portable Digital Ultrasound System SonoScape E3 Color Portable Digital Ultrasound System GE Vivid T9 Ultrasound Machine
SonoScape E2 Color Portable Digital Ultrasound System SonoScape E3 Color Portable Digital Ultrasound System
Call 877-646-3300 to schedule a demonstration!

The Vivid T9, ergonomically-enhanced and ideally designed for cardiovascular practices and Shared Services, combines the established, intelligent cardiac imaging capabilities of GE Vivid systems with exceptional shared services performance of the LOGIQ systems.

The result is a truly hybrid cardiovascular ultrasound system that is rugged, reliable, robust, with exceptional ergonomic design, and a rich feature set. And, with three years of comprehensive service coverage, the Vivid T9 system is designed to help enhance the total value of ownership.

Features and Benefits
  • Convenience
    • Scan with Convenience and Reliability: The Vivid T9 is designed to be easy to operate and transport in many environments. Its intuitive user interface is a true Vivid console, with Vivid applications, features, workflow, and reliability, simplified for ease of use.
    • Convenient Control Layout: The touch screen, rotary dials, and patient management buttons are conveniently located, and all mode buttons are grouped together near the trackball.
    • Scan Coach: Showing basic scanning techniques with graphic of probe position, schematic of anatomy and example clinical image.
    • Adjustable Console: Adjust the console to your optimal scanning position.
    • Ready-To-Go Mobility: Weighing just 128 pounds, with durable casters and push handles front and back, the Vivid T9 is easy to push and roll on tiled or carpeted floors.
    • Smart Standby: In case of accidental shutdown or power failure, or just when you are moving the scanner to another room, the system automatically saves data and the system turns into "Standby" mode. When power is restored, the system automatically turns on instantly, maintaining exact system state prior to shutdown.
    • Ample Transducer Capacity: The Vivid T9 has four RS transducer ports and four standard transducer holders, plus two optional ones.
  • Connectivity and Security
    • Connectivity
      • Pediatric DICOM SR support (Optional): Pediatric measurements sent by SR automatically populate the pediatric report on the receiving side for fast, accurate review elsewhere.
      • Enhanced Support for Cardiac and Vascular DICOM SR (Optional): Including user defined measurements.
      • Enhanced DICOM Review: Accelerate reviewing and reporting by using contrast, brightness and zoom/pan controls to optimize DICOM images.
      • Tricefy Uplink (Optional): Expedite uploading of images and patient data to Tricefy Cloud a long-term archive that enables image sharing with colleagues or patients.
      • Raw Data Transfer: User selectable raw data file transfer in DICOM environment.
    • Security
      • Vivid T9 is built and configured for reliability and security
      • LDAP: Help ensure patient data safety with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, which allows your IT team to maintain greater control of whos in the system, reducing the risk of breaches.
      • Configurable System Password: There are fully configurable user log-on passwords and internal passwords that can meet your IT departments requirements regarding security strength.
      • Disk Encryption of The Drive: Which contains patient archive and images, helps ensure safety and privacy of the data, even in case of theft.
      • Windows 10 Operating System: With application white-listing to prevent unauthorized programs from running and potentially harming the scanner.
Sample Video Screenshots

Tissue Velocity Imaging

Captures dynamic information from moving heart tissue for quantifiable measurement of left ventricular function.
AutoEF 2.0

Second generation automated EF measurement tool based on 2D-speckle tracking algorithm and on Simpson.
Automated Function Imaging (AFI) 2.0

This second-generation tool for assessing and quantifying left ventricular wall motion is applicable to 2D transthoracic and TEE data. With the integrated AutoEF function, you can calculate ejection fraction without leaving the app.
Tissue Tracking*/Tissue Synchronization Imaging

Provides additional image enhancement for assessing delayed cardiac wall motion.

Virtual Convex

Extends the field of view when
using linear transducers.
Strain/Strain Rate Imaging

Helps enhance visual and quantitative recognition of dysfunctioning myocardial segments, and can help in evaluating regional systolic function in ischemic heart disease.

Provides advanced spatial and
temporal resolution to help assess
blood flow and
vessel wall structure without the
limitations of Doppler.
Blood Flow Imaging

Provides enhanced visualization of blood flow dynamics using a signal-processing algorithm for visualizing blood flow data.

Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions and Weight
    • Width
      • Keyboard: 502 mm (19.8 in)
      • Base: 590 mm (23.2 in)
    • Depth:
      • Maximum: 810 mm (31.9 in)
    • Height:
      • Maximum: 1,775 mm (69.1 in)
      • Minimum: 1,405 mm (55.3 in)
      • Weight: 60 kg, 132 lbs
  • Electrical Power (Nominal Input Voltage)
    • 100-240 VAC, Frequency 50/60 Hz
    • Power Consumption Maximum: 300 VA with peripherals
  • Console Design
    • Four active probe ports
    • ECG port
    • Integrated HDD (500G)
    • Multiple USB ports
    • Optional DVD-RW drive
    • Optional on-board storage for thermal printer, integrated speakers
    • Integrated locking mechanism that provides rolling lock and caster swivel lock
    • Integrated cable management
    • Air filters easily accessible and removable for cleaning
    • Front and rear handles
    • Optional probe cable tray
    • Integrated gel holder
    • Six probe holders (four standard, two optional)
  • User Interface
    • Operator Keyboard
    • Ergonomic FlexFit design with left/right swivel and up/down arm mobility of keyboard and monitor permitting both physiological sitting or standing operation
    • Alphanumeric keyboard with support for eight character sets
    • Ergonomic full size hard key layout
    • Interactive back lighting for control panel
    • Six TGC pods
    • Image manager on the touch screen for quick review of image clipboard contents and easy export of images and loops to remote archives or media
  • Touch Screen

    • 10.1" ultra-high-resolution, wide-screen format, color, multi-touch LCD screen
    • Interactive user-configurable dynamic software menu
    • LCD Monitor
    • 21.5" wide-screen, High-Definition (HD), flicker-free LCD display
    • 256 shades of gray and 16.7 million simultaneous colors available
    • Articulating monitor arm
    • LCD translation (independent of console)
    • 325 mm horizontal bidirectional
    • 150 mm vertical height adjustment
    • Swivel to side viewing direction
    • +25˚/ -90˚ vertical tilt on LCD
    • Fold down and rotation lock mechanism for transportation
    • Horizontal viewing angle of more than 170
    • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
    • Digital brightness adjustment
Warranty Information
  • 1-Year Warranty
Chison ECO 6 Ultrasound System Mindray MX7 Portable Ultrasound Edan Acclarix AX2 Diagnostic Ultrasound System
Edan Acclarix AX2 Diagnostic Ultrasound System
List Price: $13,125.00
Our Price: $9,652.50
You save $3,472.50!
As a new member of ECO family. ECO6,has considered the most frequent request of users, adding more advanced features and capabilities inside this ultra-compact body, to provide better patient care. The MX7 from Mindray is an outstanding point of care ultrasound system, designed with direct input from customers, and offering the perfect combination of ground-breaking imaging technologies, a host of ergonomic features, and one of the lightest, thinnest, laptop design on the market.
Compact with a 4.5kg lightweight magnesium alloy body, the remarkable Acclarix AX2 Compact Ultrasound System delivers a surprising combination of features to meet the demands of point-of-care imaging.
Edan Acclarix AX3 Diagnostic Ultrasound System
Edan Acclarix AX3 Diagnostic Ultrasound System
List Price: $15,625.00
Our Price: $12,500.00
You save $3,125.00!
Dual transducer ports along with a lightweight magnesium alloy body makes the AX3 a remarkably compact, versatile, and portable ultrasound system.

The Acclarix AX3 has been designed with the relentless focus on delivering uncompromising performance at a cost effective price for each facility.

Features and Benefits
  • eOptimized - One key optimization in different modes
  • PW auto trace - One key in automatic measurement
  • 100+ GB High capacity storage, transferable by: USB, DICOM 3.0, and optional Wi-Fi
  • eTouch - Efficient Swipe gesture control
  • Innovative user interface layout
  • 15.6-inch LCD monitor with high resolution and 180-degree open angle
  • 10-inch sensitive touch screen for efficient and customizable workflow operation
  • Lightweight magnesium alloy body offering stunning user experience
  • Ethernet, HDMI, S-Video cable and USB 2.0/3.0 ports built in
  • Splitting booting time within 30 seconds
  • Comes with 2 transducer ports; can only use two transducers on the unit
Sample Screenshots

Materials Included
  • AX3 Ultrasound
  • (1) Transducer
  • (1) Lithium Ion Battery
  • (1) Power Cord
  • (1) Ultrasound Gel
  • User Manual

Available Transducers

Convex array transducer: C5-2Q

The C5-2Q curved array transducer features multiple, selectable fundamental and harmonic frequencies to provide excellent detail and contrast resolution, image uniformity and penetration in the most difficult to image patients. This transducer supports Abdominal, Urology, OB, Fetal Echo, GYN, Nerve and MSK applications.
Linear array transducer: L12-5Q

The L12-5Q general linear array transducer features multiple, selectable fundamental and harmonic frequencies for all general purpose superficial imaging including small parts, MSK, nerve and vascular applications.

Endocavity array transducer: E8-4Q

The E8-4Q endocavity array transducer features multiple, selectable fundamental and harmonic frequencies to provide excellent detail and penetration for all OB/GYN and Prostate applications.

Compact linear array transducer: L17-7SQ

The L17-7SQ compact linear array transducer features multiple, selectable fundamental and harmonic frequencies, hockey-stick style with short footprint making it ideal for all intra-operative and superficial imaging applications including MSK, Nerve Block, Vascular Access and intra-operative applications.

Phased array transducer: P5-1Q

The P5-1Q phased array transducer features multiple, selectable fundamental and harmonic frequencies and continuous wave Doppler capabilities and supports abdominal imaging, adult and pediatric cardiac screening.

Warranty Information

  • 2-Year Warranty